Aima Baig Confesses To Dating Shahbaz Sigri
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Aima Baig has finally confirmed what most her fans have been dying to know— yes; she’s in a relationship! 

What Was Brewing?

Aima Baig has a little over a million followers on Instagram and has produced some hits. Her voice and her charm have captivated boys and girls alike! The singer, however, was usually spotted with model Shahbaz Sigri on multiple occasions, which raised many brows.

The two have vacationed together as well. Their pictures in California, Los Angeles, and the cheesiest of captions, were all quite self-explanatory. However, the singer or the model had never commented on their relationship status.

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My sunshine on a cloudy day. #throwbacksunday

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As beautiful as the water works were, it’s hard to look at anything else when she’s there. 🧀😍👫

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Missing my sci-fi geek! @shahbazshigri

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A Long-Awaited Confession

Only recently has the young singer confessed to being romantically involved with Shabaz Sigri. Aima Baig was at a morning show when she spilled the beans! She confirmed the rumors and divulged the secret of their relationship— they “vibe really well.”

Aima Baig Confesses To Dating Shahbaz Sigri
Image Source: Dikhawa

They met, according to Aima, when she was recording a song for ‘Parey Hut Love’, which Shigri was also a part of. Since then, whenever they hung out, she believed he was straightforward to be around. Moreover, while talking about her beau, she made sure to highlight his best qualities.

For Baig, another reason why Shigri means so much to her is that he’s never seen angry or fighting. She added, “I look up to these qualities in a man.”

Is A Wedding Coming Soon?

She was also asked the million-dollar question about marriage. So, when are the two planning to get hitched? As for that, Baig said she’d like to “grow up a bit” before she can think about it, and we support! Marriage is no easy feat, especially when it is between two people in the media industry; we hope the couple makes it through whatever life throws their way!

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