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Normally, we eat away our office hours, as if munching on food makes the time go faster. Although the science behind it cannot be explained, but food does seem to help put an end to the crawling and dreary office routine.

In Ramadan however, the mere task of even the shortened office hours, gets increasingly hard. No food means zero energy to put up with the regular office shenanigans.

Here are some tips to help you survive corporate slavery while fasting.

1. Very stealthily watch all the food videos/pictures, all the while fantasizing about Iftaari. Con: Growling Stomach. Pro: FOOOOD.

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2. Since you can’t eat away your office hours anymore, you could always yawn away the working day.

Yawning Gif

Normally, you’d get in trouble. In Ramadan however, you get a pass because the lack of sleep.

3. Stare at the clock, will it to tick faster with your desperate gaze.



4. Fasting in Ramadan is like your ‘Get out of jail free’ card because even your boss believes in the wise words, ‘Rozaydaar Ka Ehtraam”.

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5. Massage your temples to make you feel better. That will give the illusion of you being overworked, tired and hungry. Might even get you an early to leave pass 😉 

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Either way, people will go easy on you.

6. Get your solid 8 hours of sleep to avoid passing out on your desk.

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7. SABR! Because Patience is virtue giphy

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