Oppressive heat coupled with high humidity; the brutal rounds of an unprecedented heatwave is back again in Karachi, according to Pakistan Meteorological Department.

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While scientists have already warned that there will be recurring seasons of extreme heatwaves in Pakistan- more lethal and unbearable, it is about time that a plan of action must be in order to mitigate the effects of the adverse climate change.

Consequently, contingency planning and concrete preparation must be done by the government and the citizens alike to battle the scorching shades of summer and in turn, save precious lives.

1. Heatwave Alert System

Since there was no warning system to notify the nation about the current natural disaster, it is imperative that a “Heatwave Watch” needs to be urgently established in Pakistan. Consequently, the harsh climate won’t come off as a mighty surprise and the entire nation will eventually gear up to combat the upcoming emergency situation.

2. Spreading Awareness

A large population in Pakistan has nil knowledge on how to stay safe during the unfriendly tides of warm weather.

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The government along with the relevant service providers must work with the media to communicate health risks of the climatic change and medical solutions to deal with the heat.

3. Heatwave Relief Centers

In order to bring down the inevitable death toll caused by deadly heatstroke, Heatwave relief centers become quintessential platforms that need to be established beforehand.

Complete with necessary medical equipment, doctors, ambulances and paramedics; such camps should be efficient enough to provide immediate assistance to people at easy locations.

4. Green is our Friend

Nothing and absolutely nothing will make the weather more welcoming and our surroundings more pleasant than planting more trees!

It is the lack of green cover and excessive tree chopping that has called this weather disaster to dawn upon humans. Let’s start right from our own homes and plant leafy trees for they act as a natural air conditioner for Earth .

5. Save Electricity and Water

Apparently, it is the result of our recklessness with energy and water that magnified our miseries. Let’s turn over a new leaf by remembering to unplug electronics while not in use and turning off the tap while brushing teeth.

6. Extend a helping hand

While staying out of the sun and enjoying our air-conditioned rooms, let’s not forget the needy and the vulnerable who are bound to get affected via the rising temperature.

The passing heatwave in Sind saw compassionate efforts of people who set up camps of ice, water and first-aid to help the heat-stroke victims.

Look out for the isolated and ill, babies and elderly every day during the heat outburst. Even check on animals to ensure they are safe from the heat.

In times of such inescapable crisis; Pakistanis primarily need to unite and be headstrong towards one common goal of saving their people. When the green nation will rise as one and strong, we can surpass any incoming doom with undefeated zeal and spirit!