5 Lahore-Based Restaurants That Should Come to Karachi

Not just culture and traditions, the city of Lahore is also well-known for the mouthwatering food that is offered there. Known to be a food lover’s paradise, there are many famous eateries that have won hearts of the locals and tourists.

In fact, the food at some of these restaurants is so good that we wish that we had them here in Karachi.

That being said, take a look at these top Lahore eateries that we wish would open up in Karachi.

1) Cuckoo’s Den

In the mood for delicious BBQ? Popular among the locals for its ‘Tawa Chicken’ along with their parathas and curries, Cuckoo’s Den is one place we wish would open up here.

2) The Lakhnavi – Avari Hotel

A perfect place for those who are in the mood for some North Indian dishes – Lakhnavi is famous for it’s delicious ‘Thaalis’, ‘Bukhaari Daal’ and ‘Mirch Baingan’.

3) Andaaz

Nearby Cuckoos, Andaaz restaurant is a great place to eat at if you are in the mood for scrumptious seafood. Their ‘Jhinga Karahi’ is so good that we wish we could have it here in Karachi.

4) Haveli

Looking for incomparable views and mouthwatering food? Haveli is one of our favorite go-to places for ‘Tawa Chicken’ and ‘BBQ platter’. The scrumptious food and the ambiance has us wishing for it to open in Karachi as well.

5) Sweet Affairs

Those who have got a sweet tooth will surely appreciate the delicious cakes, cupcakes, gelato, chocolates and more! Their desserts are so good that we are keeping our fingers crossed for it to set up shop in Karachi.

Have you tried anyone of these places?

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