Pakistan is out and out a meat lovin’ nation. However, we are sadly living in the times of deceptive butchers, dubious quality and substandard food. Amidst such a crisis and unreliability in the air, emerges Meat One- the nation’s leading chain of specialty meat shops.

Vowing to maintain the highest-quality standards, Meat One is a product of Shaheer’s brand and the biggest exporter of meat in Pakistan. Not only they ship products to states like Oman, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, they are also the proud meat suppliers to bigwig businesses like Agha Khan Hospital, Big Thick Burgers, Dominos, Pompeii and other restaurants.

While we just can not stop fussing if the butcher’s meat is contaminated with chemicals or pumped with dodgy drugs, Meat One is providing its customers with the pure protein of grass-fed animals that are free from artificial breeding methods.

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With Ramadan just around the corner, Meat One has rolled out its fresh “Ready to Cook” meals for the Holy month. You can try these  mouth-watering snacks from its Ramadan platter and cook up some tasty Iftar treats in no time.  Try them out and be assured that it’s all healthy going in your belly. Happy Eating!

1) Chicken Strips

If you are looking for something different to devour after a long day of fasting other than the typical pakoras, sandwiches or burgers; try succulent, crispy  chicken strips. You can simply make it using Meat One’s Ready to Cook chicken strips.

CCMeat chicken strips

We bet you will fall in love with the exquisite crunchy strips, pan-fried to perfection just after one bite. Enjoy this Iftar delight with a stack of chunky french fries and ketchup to double your eating pleasure.

2) Beef Chapli Kebabs

Throwing a big Iftar party at your home? Then chapli kebab is definitely a winning meal and a must-have dish in your menu. Prepare them via Meat One’s Ready to Cook Ramadan platter and wow all your mates with the scrumptious soft chaplis.

CCMeat chaplli kabab

That seasoned meat with the flavor of anardaana and grilled tomato on top is a rustic favorite of all desi foodies. Bake them for a healthy alternative if you want to ditch deep-frying them in oil.

3) Chicken Samosa

Samosa lovers, rejoice! If you are looking for the ultimate foodgasm experience, try a plateful of Meat One’s Ready to Cook chicken samosas.

CCMeat samosa2

It will be a sin not to include them in your menu as they are always the much-needed to your desi Iftar table.

4) Tikka Samosa

We have established this that there is absolutely nothing more heavenly than the sheer joy of devouring a platter of piping hot, samosas. Meat One’s Ready to Cook line has rolled out yet another variety “Tikka Samosa” that brings out a novel twist to the lovable traditional snack.

CCMeat samosa

The spicy Tikka filling will make the triangular bites yummier. We bet that the new samosa flavor in town will be a total treat for your family!

5) Drumsticks

Tired of the same old chicken dishes? Why not try Meat One’s Ready to Cook Drumsticks! Bake them or fry them, either ways the versatile finger food will be finger lickin’ awesome for Iftar.

CCMeat drumsticks

Give this healthy food a try and you will crave to sink your teeth deep into that juicy, crispy chicken drumstick all the time!

Meat One claims to have a strict checking policy at all stages to ensure they fulfill their promise. The livestock is properly checked by veterinarians for any diseases and cleaned before Halal slaughtering. Even before distribution to shops, the raw meat again goes through stringent checking.

So make cooking easy for yourself this Ramadan and visit your nearest Meat One shop. Or simply dial 111163281 and get their services from the comfort of your home.