By the end of each year, we make up New Year resolutions for a better, more successful and productive year to happen to us in the coming days. While we will be celebrating and partying on the 31st of December 2016 all the way till midnight and greeting each other with a Happy New Year 2017 and May you have a blessed Year Ahead.


Here are a list of Resolutions we can make and keep for a better, healthier and overall happier year to happen to us in 2016 after the trials and errors that took place in 2016.

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Take a look:

  1. Learn Something New Each Day
  2. Pick Up a Hobby
  3. Play More
  4. Eat Fewer Calories
  5. Write a Business Plan
  6. Be More Physically Active
  7. Read More Books
  8. Be More Grateful
  9. Stop Procrastinating
  10. Set Aside One-Hour-A-Day to Achieve Your Dreams
  11. Spend More Time With Nature
  12. Enjoy the Little Things
  13. Become More Confident
  14. Be More Conscientious
  15. Be Kinder to Yourself
  16. Bring More Peace Into Your Life
  17. Create a Positive Attitude
  18. Travel
  19. Organize All the Documents You Have
  20. Maintain a Journal
  21. Work as a Volunteer
  22. Strengthen Your Personal Relationships
  23. Overcome Your Addictions
  24. Do something crazy!
  25. Reevaluate Your Life

Small but steady steps in the right directions can take a person a very long way ahead. Here is to wishing you and your loved ones a fresh and beautiful start for the Year 2017. Cheers!

Brandsynario would like to wish all its readers a Happy New Year 2017 and Happy Winter Holidays!