18 Places You Probably Have Been Pronouncing Wrong Your Entire Life!

Pronunciations can be very tricky, especially for someone who has a knack for travel! Imagine, you are set out to go to one destination, but don’t even know how it is pronounced!

One the most common mistakes people do is mispronouncing the names of various nations and its cities, even the most popular ones.

To save you from this trouble, we have your back! Here are 19 places that you have probably been pronouncing wrong this entire time!

1) Brisbane

2) Bangkok

3) Budapest

4) Columbia

5) Dubai

6) Iraq

7) Giza

8) Djibouti

9) Qatar

10) Maldives

11) Melbourne

12) Montreal

13) Nigeria

14) Oman

15) Pakistan

16) Phuket

17) Seychelles

18) Versailles

Have more destinations in mind? Share with us in the comments below!

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