dehli ramazan

Ramadan, an auspicious month for the Muslims all around the world, is a month of sacrifice. In all its essence, this month means to share with others what some people have in abundance. While we don’t witness kindness every day, here are 10 photos from different parts of the world that would restore your faith in humanity and would make you identify the good in others.

1. Two Kids in Baghdad Share Leftover Food in Baghdad

baghdad ramazan

2. People in Afghanistan Getting Buckets of Rice for Iftar


3. Collective Iftar Trays Prepared by Volunteers in Sudan


4. A Volunteer in Somalia Distributes Food to Women


5. People in Oman Prepare to Break Fast in Community


6. A Kid in Karachi Setting Up Trays With Delicious Iftar Items


7. People in Ahmedabad, India Breaking Fast in Groups


8. Biryani, Pakoras and Dates Being Served in Islamabad


9. A Meager Iftar at Nowshera Relief Camp, Pakistan


9. US President Barrack Obama Greets Guest at the Official Iftar Party

Washington Ramazan

11. A beautiful View of Sunset & Iftar in Delhi, India

dehli ramazan

12. Iftar Parcels Ready to be Delivered in Srinagar, India

srinagar ramazan

13. A Satisfied Somalian Mother Carries Her Baby After Collecting Enough Food for the Family

somalia ramazan

14. Thousands Settle Down to Iftar in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

riyadh ramazan

15. Malaysian Women Looks at Delicious Delicacies to Break Her Fast

malaysia ramazan

16. Masjid-Nabwi Filled With People Ready to Iftar

masjid-nabwi ramazan

17. Groups of 4 Satisfy Their Day Long Hunger in Doha, Qatar

doha-qatar ramazan