The 10-Year Challenge is trending everywhere and gives us an opportunity to reflect and take a look at the decade that has passed and how far we have come!

Where your social media feeds are filled with all the 10-year old pictures of your friends, family, and celebrities, many brands have also taken part in this challenge showing their journey over the span of the last 10 years.

From their logos to their services, these brands have gone through drastic changes during this time. Their old logos will take you down memory lane!

We have compiled a list of the 10-Year Challenge of many famous brands that might make you feel a bit old!

Check the list below!

1. PIA

2. Wing itt


3. KFC

3. Pepsi


Google Images


4.  Master Card

5. Nokia


6. Google

Google Images


7. Motorola

8. Pizza Hut


9. Dunkin Donuts

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10. Khaadi

11. Brandsynario

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