Being a graphic designer takes talent. They get to do all the “cool” stuff on Illustrator and Photoshop, AND they get paid for it.

However, there are things which bug them to no end, driving them insane to the limit that they might end up killing someone.

Here are the ten things which will hit home with them!

  1. When clients try to bargain with the price!

Why do they have to pay so much for such a small logo? Well, because I wasted my sweat and blood for days while working on it!

  1. Make the logo “BIGGER”:

No one specifies how “Big” do they want the logo to be. They are never satisfied.

  1. When your Laptop crashes:

After spending hours, designing a logo or animation, your laptop suddenly stops working or crashes and you realize, you will have to do everything all over again.

  1. You are a Pro at Designer Language

Only your graphic designer friends would understand what you mean by ‘rasterize, Lo-res, CCRTS, vector etc’

  1. The Curse of Freelance 

When you think doing freelance work for extra cash is easy. You end up pulling your hair after reading the clients specification.

  1. Everybody asks you to design something for them!

When your friends ask you to help them out with a t-shirt or logo design for free.

  1. Your life revolves around downloading fonts!

When someone asks you to use a “better” font than the one you’ve used. You end up searching google for free fonts to use.

  1. You are asked to copy other’s work:

When they ask you to make it look just like “THAT.” Actually, they want you to copy the pictures from google… In fact, copy everything!

  1. Bad design haunts you wherever you go!

When you end up criticizing every bad design or bad font you see. At times, you end up offering to redesign it for free.

  1. Refuse to accept your past mistakes

After spending 5 years in the design industry, when someone shows you your past work, you refuse to accept that it’s yours.

If you agree or even disagree, tell us about it in your comments. Tag all your designer friends too!