Selfies have become part of our everyday culture. Be it a teenager or even the Prime Minister of India, we are all #MadAbout Selfies! We all have those people on our social media who would post a selfie with literally everything around them.

Here are the 10 kinds of selfies that we come across in our daily feed:

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1. Because Selfie k liye Pout Tou Banta hai!

Selfie craze 1


2. The Bathroom Wali Selfie for your beloved

Selfie craze 2


3. The Mandatory group selfie everyone tries to squish into!

Selfie craze 3


4. Because everyone needs to love my cat as much as I do!

Selfie craze 4


5. No one can go to sleep without seeing my beautiful face at night!

Selfie craze 5


6. Mirror mirror on the wall…. which is the best selfie of them all?

Selfie craze 6


7. Unnecessary display of friendship

Selfie craze 7


8. Forget that fractured leg, this selfie is waaay more important!

Selfie craze 8


9. Hold my beer…. I wanna take a selfie!

Selfie craze 9


10. Because Religion is so afterlife!

Selfie craze 10

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