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In today’s world of dynamic web-based marketing, campaigns and commercials; print ads are still a very effective means for advertisers to grasp the attention of the masses.

Designing ads for magazines, newspapers or hoardings, is quite a challenging job for ad designers. It involves communicating an idea or message, suavely and promptly, with only the chance of a glance to grab the viewer’s attention.

H.G Wells‘s statement, “Advertising is legalized lying”, is befitting, isn’t it?

Advertising in the current day scenario has redefined the boundaries of what was once considered classy and does sometimes border on the point of – to put it extremely politely, “stupidity”. It’s not just the over-selling which makes it look absurd but the idiocy of ideas used.

Emphasizing more on the element of stupidity, and to honor some of India’s most bizarre print ads, ENJOY!!!

1 It seems like chocolate heroes weren’t popular back then – pickled ones were in demand!

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2. This ad print just shattered all the sense of rhythm.

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3. The picture and the tag line are a perfect match; As for the Product, it isn’t fitting anywhere!

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4. Spot the surf between those vegetables and then try to make some sense out of this ad!

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5. That moment when you try to stand out and you succeed by making a fool of yourself.

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6. Because Gabbar needs nutrition? Or you want your kids to be like him?

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7. Who says you need a cape and a suit to become a Super Man, it’s just the brief which amplifies your virility.

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8. I use cinthol and I am still sweaty as hell….ummm?

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9. This ad must have laid the foundation of the censor board in India!

10 indian ads 9_resize

10. Snow like complexion…? Who wants to look like Edward Cullen or a WhiteWalker!


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By Zenub Ayaz