mark zuckerberg

This is the signature statement imprinted on Mark Zuckerberg’s business card. It’s simplistic, yet an accurate depiction of a young power-enthusiast who achieved overnight success through the creation of Facebook.

Serving as an introductory statement for any business owner or manager, or even an employee, a business card is an essential tool for a functioning and running career of any person. A well-designed, simplistic and authentic business card serves as a networking ladder, even in today’s day and age.

A Business card has evolved to become a tool for Self-branding, instead of becoming an archaic document of trade.

Albert Einstein, the German-born, Prolific Genius of the Twentieth Century, has a business card completely opposite to Mark Zuckerberg, no pretense and all modesty.

Take a look at the Business cards of these famous personalities from the owner of Twitter and Google to the person who first walked on the Moon, Neil Armstrong you can notice the pre-success and post-success tones of these different Geniuses.

1. Albert Einstein

albert einstein business cards

2. Neil Armstrong

neil armstrong business card

3. Bill Gates

 bill gates business card

4. Evan Williams

evan williams business card

5. Walt Disney

walt disney business card

6. Steve Jobs

steve jobs business card

7. Barack Obama

barack obama

8. Jerry Yang

jerry yang business card

9. Larry Page

larry page

 10. Wright Brothers

wright brothers