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While Apple is certainly a tech giant, there may be a few areas that even it has lacked in. There have been certain products that they are not entirely proud of. Of course, whenever there is an Apple reveal, everyone is listening and watching intently. Even now, when they talked about releasing the M3 chip somewhere in 2024, people were hooked to the news.

Now, that we have talked about Apple’s success, let us also take a look at where they have learned valuable lessons. Lesson on the kind of products that did not make it well on the market. They have certainly made sure to never repeat their mistakes but the failed products are more than a handful.

1. Macintosh TV

Apple’s television was launched in 1993 and only made it to production till 1994. There were superior quality televisions present at the time and they were not even as expensive. This one cost more than $1200 and even now, that is a steep price.

2. The Apple Newton

This was Apple’s attempt to introduce a touch-screen based writing pad. While it did dazzle and turn heads, it did not make it to market quite well. People did not feel they needed such a product when they could simply write on paper. It was not a bad product in itself, it was just too early for its time.

apple newton and other failed ones
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3. Apple Pippin

Apple attempted to create a home entertainment system with the Pippin. However, its price point was set at $600, in 1995. The product was discontinued in 1997. People could buy a nintendo entertainment system in a third of the price so why would they go for this one?

4. Apple eMate

According to the company, this was a low-cost laptop running system and was marketed as such. However, it was also the time that other tech companies were making the mark with their laptops. Their computing power was much higher, thus this product was overshadowed.

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5. Round Mouse

This is a product that can be referred to as innovative but it did not seem practical. Even now, the concept of a round mouse is not widely popular as the current oval-ish shape is the one people go with. Launched in 1998 and discontinued in 2000.

6. PowerMac G4 Cube

This was a transparent computer built by Apple to bring people closer to the usage of technology. It was a computer in the shape of a cube but it was priced at almost $2000. This made it quite unpopular in front of Microsoft’s emerging technology.

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7. U2 iPod

While the iPod itself has been quite successful, but the U2 was a failed product. It was laggy, it had heating issues and it was barely able to play anything on it. With a steep price point, it got discontinued within a year.

8. Apple Maps

When Google Maps came out, they became the epitome of navigation. However, Apple Maps could not give it the same competition. The User Interface of the product confused a lot of users and they found it quite annoying. It is still considered as a failed product.

apple maps and failed products
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9. iPod Hi-Fi

Apple released this as a speaker that could be taken anywhere but it was, again, too pricey. There were better alternatives present at the time and it was discontinued and it ran from 2006 to 2007 only.

10. HomePod Original

While the HomePod now is more of a success, the one that first came out was a commercial failure. People failed to see the appeal of it and it was pushed aside.

There are quite a few more such products but let us keep it till here now. We will bring you more later on.

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