The Yamaha YBR125, Yamaha’s light motorcycle, has been in production for a decade now and has come leaps and bounds in terms of engine efficiency, sporty looks, and quality riding experience.

Usually offering a premium feel while riding, the Yamaha YBR125 comes equipped with a four-stroke, air-cooled, SOHC and a forward-inclined single cylinder engine that supports two valves.

The 125CC bike can produce a maximum power of 7.5kW at around 7,800 RPM, and a torque of roughly 9.6Nm at about 6,000 RPM. It offers a Constant Mesh, five-speed transmission system and a wet, multiple-disc coil spring clutch. A balancer installed on the side of the engine minimizes engine vibrations.


The YBR 125 body boasts a diamond-shaped frame, an Ergonomic Handle Switch, and a monocross rear-suspension system that is perfectly suited for the rough Pakistan roads, that helps balance its hardness in that it is not too soft when moving over speed-breakers, and not too hard that it becomes uncomfortable.

The Hydraulic single disc front brake and the drum rear-brake allow great stopping power. The sporty seat ensures maximum comfort for long distances.


A smoked shield, air scoop, cast wheel, and a stylish chain case completes the look of the bike, which has a 35W Halogen Head Light that is one of the brightest bike lights in the market. The YBR125 comes in three colors – bright blue, red, and black, and sports a massive 13-liter fuel tank.
The Yamaha YBR125 comes at a hefty price of around PKR 129,400 in Pakistan.

See some real images of YBR125 in Pakistan:

YBR-12      YBR-15-6  YBR-15-Real