Tea Cost Soars To 200rs Per Kg, Pinching Pockets
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Rising food prices have already made it tough for many families to afford a proper breakfast. Now, the cost of tea is going up as well, both for branded and loose tea.

On Monday, packers and traders increased the prices by Rs100 for 900-gram branded packs and around Rs200 per kilogram for loose tea. This sudden increase shocked consumers.

The reason for this increase is that the value of the Pakistani rupee has fallen a lot, which has made imported black tea more expensive. The exchange rate of the US dollar went up by about 2.9% under the interim government, making things more expensive.

Image Source: The Quill Magazine

For example, a small pack of branded tea that used to cost Rs170 now costs Rs180, and a larger pack that used to be Rs330 now costs Rs350.

Experts say that if the rupee continues losing value, tea prices might go up even more. Also, the rising cost of diesel is making transportation more expensive.

Tea imports in Pakistan have gone down a bit, and people are worried because prices are going up for other things like milk, sugar, bread, and butter as well. This is making breakfast really hard for many families, especially those with lower incomes.

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