Amna Ilyas Faces Backlash, Turns Off Comments' Section

Amna Ilyas, a talented Pakistani model and actress, has recently shared a bold photoshoot that has sparked a heated debate on social media. The photoshoot, which features Amna in a daring outfit, has received a mixed response, with many praising her confidence and others criticizing her for being “too bold” and “inappropriate”.

However, the backlash has been so severe that Amna has now turned off the comments section on her social media posts. The actress, who has delivered several excellent performances in Pakistani dramas and films, has been accused of desperately seeking attention and trying to go viral with her boldness.

Netizens have compared her to Indian actress Urfi Javed, known for her bold and revealing outfits, with some commenting that Amna is “obsessed with Bollywood culture” and suffering from “Met Gala Fever”. Many have also criticized her for being “too ridiculous” and “crossing boundaries”.

Despite the criticism, Amna’s photoshoot got people talking about women’s rights, body freedom, and expressing yourself. Some liked her boldness, but others said she was promoting things against Pakistani culture.

Amna’s move to disable comments has stirred up a discussion about censorship and the right to speak freely. Some folks commend her for blocking out hate and negativity. On the flip side, there are those who see it as a way to silence critics and dodge responsibility.

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