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Miley Cyrus Feat. In Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer Campaign 2014

Miley Cyrus Feat In Marc Jacobs Spring Summer Campaign 2014

By Zoya Anwer

Yes, we all would finally get to see a clothed Miley Cyrus at the start of this year as she features in the Marc Jacobs 2014 Spring/Summer campaign. 

It’s hard to believe but the ad shows Miley with an utter grave expression sitting still on the beach looking completely lost in expression.

Clad in a fancy deep blue cropped coat, chic maroon burmudas and embellished ankle booties the singer looks very sober and her make-up doesn’t make her look too glamorous either. Her hairstyle has an informal look about it and her overall appearance seems to be captivating.

In another shot, she appears to be wearing a black dress with sunglasses posing with a pouted expression.

The brand is a personal favourite of Miley and she had decided to adorn its net gown in the 2013 Met Gala. She was keen to work with the brand and recently posted a picture on Twitter as well, wearing a Tee Shirt by Marc Jacobs advocating equality in marriage as well.

This advertisement has also caused a few raised eyebrows because behind Miley, a model who appears to be almost dead is lying, giving a disturbing outlook.  

Marc Jacobs himself said, “We all love her and her entire being, her energy, her talent, her intelligence, everything. There’s nothing I don’t like about her. She is just genuine and very natural.” He also told that the shoot is meant to be “kind of sulky”  

All in all, this is a mature step by Miley, as there is no tongue wagging or twerking and though the campaign seems a bit uncanny, it stars her in a different way and well, this different is definitely not outrageous.

In the previous year, the artist had caused quite a stir in the media by her notorious antics which surprisingly got her nominated for Times Person of the Year 2013.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Release Date Announced

Game of Thrones Season 4 Release Date Announced

HBO officially revealed Thursday, that the most awaited “Game of Thrones” Season 4 will début on April 6 Sunday, at 9 pm. 

Much like its third edition, Game of Thrones Season 4, is going to be an adaptation of the third of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, “A Storm of Swords.” 

Also making the news this season will be last season’s sensation, the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen and her lover Daario Naharis, Captain and Commander of the Sellsword Company called the “Stormcrows”.

The trailer for Game of Thrones Season 4 will air on Sunday January 12th, for the millions of fans to watch the first look of the fourth edition.

The fantasy drama series has kept the audience so captivated for more than 2 years now. that Games of Throne Season 3 became the most downloaded show in 2013.


The network also revealed that the highly acclaimed “Boardwalk Empire” will conclude in its fifth season, which airs in Fall 2014.

Apple faces decline in worldwide Market Share

Apple faces decline in worldwide Market Share

Apple has been the number one smartphone brand due its wide extravaganza of iPhones, reaping a whopping 40.7% of the entire market share.

However, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reveals that Apple’s share in major markets is lower than it was a year ago.

Both its rivals, Android and Windows Phone have risen and have managed to grab some market share from Apple, resulting in a decline in Apple’s growth.

Statistics from the research firm reveal the share of Apple’s operating system; “iOS” were 69.1% in Japan, 43.1% in the US, 35.0% in Australia and 30.6% in the UK till August 2013

In contrast to last year, the archives show a figure of 53% market share in the US, 35.5% in Australia and 36.1% in the UK. No date was collected from Japan.

Also, the very colorful iPhone 5C and the high end iPhone 5S is been beyond reach of many Chinese consumers.

“You don’t have to conquer China and the US to win in the smart phone market, but you do need success in one of them”, said Dominic Sunnebo, strategic insight director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Thus, Apple’s shares fell by 6% as Samsung and Huawei tightens its grip on the Chinese market followed by LG and Lenovo in this sphere.

Moreover, the Android’s dominance in the OS market is said to be unshakeable and the local and Chinese manufacturers are said to be making faster inroads as they report a 29% share in the first quarter of 2013, up from 13.2% a year ago.

Android maintained its leadership position via the plethora of Android devices from Samsung and LG and thus despite strong sales, Apple was unable to post a year on year gain in the market share but still remained  No.2 behind the ever growing market for Android phones.

Though, Apple’s share dipped, still it has a lot of ground to make up as it is very well-positioned to re-capture market share.

Microsoft Honours The Great Women of 2013

Microsoft Honours The Great Women of 2013

By Zoya Anwer

In order to bid adieu to 2013 and welcome the beginning of 2014, Microsoft launched a campaign focused on promoting the most searched women via an advertisement on its search engine, Bing.

Having the very motivating song, “Brave” by Sara Bareilles which also represents Gay rights, the video has the portraits of many women who were well searched by the users in the foregone year of 2013.

The video starts off with our very own Malala Yusufzai, her strong words echoing in the speech she made. The girl had survived the attack from the Taliban for promoting education for females. This incident transformed her into a global hero and she got nominated for the Nobel Prize as well.

Many political personas like German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and the former Prime Minister of England, Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, were included too, the latter that would have been searched a lot because of her death earlier in April.

Gabrielle Giffords, an American politician who also survived an assassination attempt was featured as well as was Janet Yellen, first woman ever to be the Chair of Federal Board of Governors.

The video also showed ordinary women whose courage has made them extra ordinary like Antoinette Tuff, the lady whose heroic negotiations with a shooter saved many lives and Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a dancer who lost her foot in the Boston marathon blast.

Edith Windsor and Diana Nyad, LGBT activists were also featured for their commitment to the cause last year.

The objective of the campaign was to show women who are strong and who have made a difference some way or the other and well the 60 second footage does give a sense of pride and goosebumps as you see the women making statements regarding their courageous actions.

The response had a lot of negative comments too, rants mostly by men who were disappointed that Microsoft had developed video highlighting women and not men, (these men ignoring the long lists produced world wide that solely cater to the men).

The video ends with the message, “Honsetly We Salute You. Be Brave in 2014”. The campaign is the ultimate shout out to all the women out there because each one can make a difference and Microsoft has depicted this in a very positive light, a truly admirable effort indeed.


Bollywood Celebrities Who Dominated the Media in 2013

Bollywood Celebrities Who Dominated the Media in 2013

By Rabiya Shehab

Celebrities, are ordinary people with extra ordinary fame attracting thousands of fans worldwide.

Be it our local film or television industry, Hollywood or Bollywood; these superstars are extensively followed through news, gossip, social networking websites and on shoot locations.

“Times Celebex”, a well-recognized rating index by Entertainment channel Zoom TV has issued the  ratings of Bollywood stars and the strong impact they hold over their audience through various media touchpoints.

The ‘T Score’  is measured using various aspects ranging from Box Office performance to overall PR , social media fan pages ratings, appearance in news, promotions of upcoming movie releases on media and more.

Let’s check out which Bollywood macho men and dazzling beauties tops the chart when it comes to media.


1650 Print stories, 135 TV stories, 5 brand endorsements, 74 lac+ fans on Facebook, 46 lac+ followers on Twitter, over 2.5 lac mentions on Twitter and the release of Krrish 3 made Hrithik Roshan the No.1 actor on Times Celebex with the T-score of 55.0.

With 36.5 score, next in line of the top male actors is Ranveer Singh.  1.9 lac+ Twitter mentions, 1565 Print stories, 178 TV stories, 1 lac+ followers on Twitter and the release of Ram Leela in November and his alleged ongoing affair with Deepika Padukone has made this chocolate – boy, the new heartthrob of bollywood.

Third in this list is ever known Pandey ji of the famous movie “Dabangg”, Salman Khan.  His anchoring stunts in the widely watched show “Big Boss” made him a regular name in every household.

Following Salman on the fourth spot is the King Shahrukh-Khan himself while Saif Ali Khan lands on the fifth position.


With over 2.5 lac mentions on Twitter, 1498 Print stories, 116 TV stories, heavy promotions of Krrish 3, 8 brand endorsements, a special appearance in Ram Leela, 72 lac+ fans on Facebook and over 51 lac followers on Twitter in November, Priyanka Chopra is No.1 on Times Celebex

Priyanka with her movies and the release of her album Exotic (Remixes) managed to get most visibility on screen.

After Priyanka, second on the list is Deepika Padukone With over 1.6 lac Twitter mentions, 2290 Print stories, 189 TV stories, 6 brand endorsements, 79 lac+ fans on Facebook, 48 lac+ Twitter followers and the release of Ram Leela in November.

Next in our top ladies of 2013 is Bollywood’s Bebo, Kareena Kapoor. Kareena, With 1.6 lac+ mentions on Twitter, 1982 Print stories, 167 TV stories, 8 brand endorsements and the release of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein in November.

Following Kareena are the beautiful Katrina Kaif and the gorgeous Kangana Ranaut on fourth and fifth rank.

How to Measure Brand Loyalty? A Look Into Pakistani Consumer Insights

Brand Loyalty

By Asad Kaleem

Cultivating brand loyalty among consumers is the most challenging task. When a consumer starts using the brand, usually he/she is not loyal towards it and there is barely any sentimental values attached. 

Through constant reinforcement (advertisement & good product experience), consumer not only repurchases the brand but also starts believing in the story that is being told by the brand; hence eventually become a loyal consumer.

These loyal consumers, not only purchase brand in heavy volumes but also advocate others to use it.Brand advocacy is another important concept all managers must pay attention to, it is a state when consumers publically endorse a brand through content sharing, referrals or just mentioning the brand to a social circle.

The emergence of social media has offered an even bigger platform to the consumers to advocate their most favorite brands.

According to an article published on Pakistan Advertisers’ Society (PAS), ‘Share a Coke’ campaign resulted in an increase of 870% to Facebook traffic and over 75,000 virtual cans were shared online. Brand Loyalty

In marketing research, measuring customer loyalty isn’t an easy task.  And there is no single way of measuring loyalty – in fact; it’s one that fits the bill.

Different marketing gurus support different tools for measuring brand loyalty. For consumer panels, the most practical metric to measure loyalty is the share of requirement; this method takes repeat purchase as a measure of brand loyalty to the next level.

That is, unlike repeat purchase it does not ignore weight of purchase; while repurchase is an important characteristic of brand loyalty, it often falls short of fully capturing all of its dimensions. In fact, it may be possible that a consumer is a repeat purchaser of brand but his loyalty is inclined towards another brand of the same category.

For example, a consumer could be buying a sachet of Ariel every month to wash her expensive clothes but she also uses Bonus 1kg pack for the remaining clothes on regular basis. Her monthly budget allocates PKR 20 for Ariel but PKR 95 for Bonus; hence she is more loyal towards Bonus than Ariel.

Further, repeat purchases are not relative and fail to measure the degree of loyalty.

Share of requirement (or loyalty) is the brand’s market share among the users of the brand and is measured by dividing the total brand purchases by their total category purchases. The period measured is typically a quarter year, however, this may vary depending upon the characteristics of the industry.

Share of Requirement (SOR) looks into the household purchase pattern to analyze if the household is using a single brand or multiple brands at a time. For example, if a household bought fifteen bars of skin cleansing soaps during the course of last three months, and ten of them were Lux then the SOR for Lux would be 67%. Also, this would indicate that the household’s allocation to competition brand in personal wash category is 33%.

Brand Loyalty_1 Few consumers use a single brand – even loyal consumers flirt with other brands occasionally and in some cases a brand’s best consumers may buy more from the competition than they do from the brand. To monitor what competing brands fill the consumer’s shopping basket, marketers use a different metric which is an extended version of SOR, called ‘SOR Matrix’.

Brand Loyalty_3

While brand loyalty may not always exist, every single brand will have a set of heavy, medium and light users. The heavy users generally have a higher SOR compared to medium and light users whereas light users are usually more inclined towards competition brands.

Consumers with lower share of requirements provide an exciting opportunity to the brand managers as they are already consuming the brand and cost of acquiring consumer is not required. Also, converting light users into medium users has often proved far more lucrative than converting medium into heavy users.

Many a time, brand loses upon great opportunities by not being critical about brand loyalty. The holy month of Ramzan has an increased demand for red syrups; however, there is very little for households to distinguish between brands as all red syrup brands have similar offerings including Jaam-e-Shireen and Rooh Afza. Hence, brands failed to gain competitive advantage through brand loyalty.

By focusing on loyalty and increasing share of requirement, a brand may achieve volume gains without increasing consumers and with minimal investment. 

Sting – Taste ka Jhatzzzka


Sting round about branding, creative outdoor execution of TV Commercial – near Palm Karachi.

  • BRAND: — No Brand —
  • AGENCY: — Not Available —
  • CATEGORY: Lifestyle

Russian Flaming Billboard – Setting entire billboard on fire!


The Double Grill and Bar Steakhouse in Russia have come up with an extraordinary, mind blowing creative idea of showing off their char-grilling process on a billboard setting the entire billboard on fire.The billboard, advertising char-grilled steaks, was set on fire just to create authentic burn marks and left a realistic look on the billboard. Initially,a raw steak was erected on a billboard alongside a road. Overnight, the billboard was set aflame, and the steak was grilled.Though the board was only alight for a matter of seconds before the fire was extinguished, the aftermath left realistic-looking char marks along the meat giving the illusion that it had been grilled.

  • BRAND: — No Brand —
  • AGENCY: — Not Available —
  • CATEGORY: Lifestyle

Belt Up! It’s Not Safe.


The back seat’s no safer, belt up! Well-executed ad to get people feel what will happen during accident, if they do not belt up.

  • BRAND: — No Brand —
  • AGENCY: — Not Available —
  • CATEGORY: Worldwide

Nokia Brings ‘Kuch Kar Dikha’: The First Ever Travel Reality Show

Nokia Brings Kuch Kar Dikha The First Ever Travel Reality Show

Nokia Pakistan brings the first of its kind travel show “Kuch Kar Dikha”, a reality program for nature devotees, adventurists and photography freaks.

The Finnish manufacturers announced the news of their branded entertainment on social media, inviting people to send out their best nature photographs to be a part the daring endeavor.

“Are you a nature-holic, a travel freak and an adventure geek? 

Then here’s your chance to be a part of the most exciting reality show ever. Submit your entries below to test your lucky stars”, says the advert on the Nokia’s Facebook page.

Only one lucky entrant selected by the marketing team will win the chance to be a part of “Kuch Kar Dikha”, seizing the exclusive opportunity to travel with Nokia Pakistan, with all the expenses borne by the brand.

No further details regarding the show have been disclosed and will be revealed to the winner alone after the selection.

Apparently, the launch of this travel challenge is linked with the promotion of the latest Nokia Lumia 1020 andNokia Lumia 1520 handsets.

Stocked with a 41 megapixel sensor and a wide range of photography apps, the 1020 addition to the Lumia family is a photographer’s paradise, taking creativity to a whole new level. While Nokia 1520 is Nokia’s first ‘Phablet’ with a 20 megapixel camera, full HD 1080p resolution and 6 inch mega screen size.

Gourmet Foods to Launch Android Smartphones

Gourmet Foods to Launch Android Smartphones

By Zoya Anwer

It seems that we will soon witness the most amazing diversification after a long time as a local bakery chain, Gourmet is all geared up to launch its very own smart phones in March this year.

The phones will be Android and Java based, the most commonly used mobile phones in the country. The Smartphone will have the Android version of 4.2 Jelly Bean. The price for the smartphone is yet to be revealed, the assumed price for the Java based set will be just around $15.

The phone will be manufactured by an untold Chinese manufacturer and the further details will be told in the weeks to come before the much awaited launch in March.  The confectionary brand is expecting to sell 50,000 units in the first six months after the launch. 

With an established name in the market, Gourment will open its stores in the business hubs of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Gourmet already has more than 500 bakeries across the country and has a name across the country as well in countries like USA.

With 27 years of experience with eatables, drinks, restaurants, and even publication and furniture, the brand will add another feather to its hat in the form of mobile phones.

Umair Tayyab, with hands-on experience with Samsung and another brands like Q-Mobile will be heading the marketing area for Gourmet.

While talking to Tech Asia, the marketer said that he has a fair idea about the line-ups gaps in the two products he has worked with and he will draft strategies that will fill those market gaps and present Gourmet as a brand wanted by the majority.

Last year one UK based chains, Tesco and Aldi launched their tablet devices into the Android hardware.

Many smartphone brands like Micromax and Xiaomi are booming in Asia and are doing a roaring business, selling millions of phones competing in the market against huge brands like Apple and Samsung.

Bazinga! The Big Bang Theory Scoops Peoples Comedy of the Year Award

Bazinga The Big Bang Theory Scoops Peoples Comedy of the Year Award
By Zoya Anwer


The People’s Choice Awards ended with a bang as the geek comedy show bagged the award for the Favourite Network TV Comedy this year.

The show with super high ratings and popular characters like Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj and Howard, raced against the likes of 2 Broke girls, Glee, Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother.

The show has won this particular award for the third time, two in a row, first award being in 2010 next one in 2013 and the current one in 2014.

A rather emotional Kunnal Nayyar, who portrays as an Indian nerd Raj, accepted the award on behalf of the entire team as the cast and crew got on the stage. He thanked the writers, Chuck Lorre and Steve Bill and moved on to thank all the people who made the show a huge success.

“I want to start by thanking the writers of our show for Chuck Lorre and Steve Bill for everyday putting out quality. They make our jobs so much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you” 

He further added, “I want to thank Mark Cendroski, a director who puts up with us every single day. Thank you for that. Anthony Rich and the entire crew for steadying the ship and keeping it sailing. And I want to thank this incredible, incredible cast who I get to work with every single day of the week. Warner Bros and CBS for your continued support.” 

He showed the utter gratitude to the viewers and said, “And finally the fans. Because you guys have no idea how much you mean to me. I don’t think you could ever imagine how much you mean to me. Without you, there would be no us. We love you so much.” 

It was a double treat for this nerdy sitcom which is filled with sarcasm and sheer humour as the leading actress, Kaley Cuoco, who recently got married, got the individual award for Favourite Comedy TV Actress.

Pepsi and MTV to Launch a Music Channel in India

Pepsi and MTV to Launch a Music Channel in India
By Zoya Anwer


Pepsi, the global soda drink associated with the music is now all set to take its positioning one step ahead with the  launch  of a music channel in Indian with the help of MTV, Viacom’s very popular youth channel.

The channel will be launched in the coming months and will have its logo alongside MTV’s one.

The new channel will help Pepsi in promoting music even further, which basically represents the youth and will also benefit MTV in further expansion, which already has another global channel MTV Dance.

The senior officials of both PepsiCo India and MTV India have confirmed the news. The MTV official said, “MTV has grown its franchise with several brand extensions including niche channels. In a pay-TV environment it is a profitable business model. Given our strong legacy, this is a good time to launch another MTV channel.”   

Unlike previously, the partnership of the two brands will not be limited to content, rather as the official said,“Platinum advertisers will have a partnership with MTV, rather than being just advertising clients.” 

The prime focus of the channel will be promotion of independent music and will most probably be called MTV Indies. The channel will not only cater to Indian music but will also show international music like English indie genre. Rock, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and folk genre will be paid attention as well.

According to branding experts this will be a great opportunity for the promotion of Indian music and while all music channels show Bollywood songs or English current music scene, the channel will be able to show almost 450 indie songs every day.

This will not be a new venture for Pepsi, a brand famous for encouraging new indie artists and is already associated with record labels and grand award shows like Grammy’s.

Pepsi Pakistan, on the other hand is also busy in promoting its association with Pakistan Idol.

The joint course however will not be of Indian Premier League (IPL)’s level which costs PepsiCo around 160 Crore, rather the deal is said to make about 7-10 Crore per year, given the fact that the production cost will be looked after by MTV.

This shall be 50% to 80% of PepsiCo’s expenditure on the music on television, almost Rs 12 to 15 Crore a year.

PepsiCo is greatly expanding itself with every passing year with worldwide investments like Pepsi, Frito Lay’s and Gatorade etc.

Facebook Faces Lawsuit for Stealing User Data

Facebook Faces Lawsuit for Stealing User Data

Facebook has just been served with a class-action lawsuit for scanning the very unaware facebookers private messages and selling it to third parties like; Advertisers.

Matthew Campbell and Michael Hurley are the two names behind the lawsuit filed under Electronic Communications Privacy Act, accusing that facebook scans its users’ private content without prior consent.

Facebook, the world renowned social network phenomenon that has over a billion active-users, has “just” been accused of stealing public data.

The allegations says Facebook methodically scans personal messages of its users, so that it could sell the findings to advertisers, so that they could channel their ads on people with similar interests.

The entire business model Facebook, is founded on monitoring what their users write, like and upload so that the social networking giant can sell it to advertising planners.

In principle, there isn’t much wrong with Facebook using user data to make customized ads and fiscal gains. At the end of the day, the service facebook provides is free, and the company has to make money one way or the other.

However, the biggest concern not ‘data mining’ but the ‘transparency’ of the act as a whole. In a nutshell Facebookers might be all right to know that their Likings, Status Uploads and Messages are sorted automatically by machines rather than actual human beings.

Facebook has been highly criticized for their lack of transparency on numerous occasions, but this controversy has made Facebook users believe that Facebook might just have gone too far, this time.

PTA Grants a 3 Month Free Trial to Telco Companies in Pakistan

PTA Grants a 3 Month Free Trial to Telco Companies in Pakistan

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is finally granting a free three months 3G to the leading telecommunication companies in Pakistan. 

The trial period, which is expected to begin this month, will provide the telco giants to modify their services and prepare for the next generation technology adoption.

While speaking to The News, Chairman PTA, Dr Syed Ismail Shah confirmed that the limited permission by the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) will facilitate the cellular mobile operators to identify their technical challenges before rolling out the actual 3G plan to public.

The much-awaited technology will definitely be a turning point for the nation who has been patiently waiting for 3Gfor a long time now. 

With 3G in action, Pakistanis will be able to enjoy high speed internet and clear and consistent worldwide application usage right on their smartphones.

While there is a lot for the people, the government of Pakistan is also expecting to earn 1-2 billion dollars by issuing 15-year license for 3G to telecommunication companies in Pakistan.

The spectrum auction process, which is to be launched in March this year will be supervised by an international consultancy, Value Partners Management Consulting, hired by PTA to assist in the auction process.

The consultancy firm would provide professional advice and analysis to the government on the base price, packaging of spectrum, auction methodologies and other issues related to the auction.

“Our focus is not only on short-term benefits, like revenue generation, but also on long-term gains, such as creation of new job opportunities and promotion of technology, enhanced knowledge and research and overall economic growth as can be seen from the policy directive issued by the ministry of information and technology,” he said.

He further added, “Luckily, we have good and bad examples from other parts of the world. We will learn from the mistakes and follow the good practices by optimizing the benefits for the country.”

Considering the fact that Pakistani Government hardly offers anything for free, We hope that the telcos would take the maximum advantage  of the given opportunity to prepare for the biggest technological turnaround in the history of Pakistan

Three Pakistani Women Ranks in Forbes Top Thirty Entrepreneurs Aged Under 30

Three Pakistani Women Ranks in Forbes Top Thirty Entrepreneurs Aged Under 30

Forbes recently presented its third annual ‘30 under 30’ – a list that showcases the brightest stars in 15 different fields under the age of 30 – this year however three Pakistanis and two Indians make the list.

Surprisingly enough, the country blamed for suppressing its women has three of its women feature in the Forbes top 30 social entrepreneurs. Let’s look at the three Pakistani women

1. Khalida Brohi – 25 Years Old

Three Pakistani Women Ranks in Forbes Top Thirty Entrepreneurs Aged Under 30   Khalida Brohi watched her friend being killed in the name of bogus ‘honor’ for marrying someone she loved; Brohi was 16 at that time.

This experience inspired Brohi to start an NPO empowering women; she named it “Sughar” a nonprofit organization working in 23 villages across the rural Pakistan.

In just six-months of time, these women gained business skills along with crafts like turning the traditional embroidery into commercial fashion products. For this achievement, Brohi stars in the Forbes top 30.

2. Shiza Shahid – 24 Years Old

Three Pakistani Women Ranks in Forbes Top Thirty Entrepreneurs Aged Under 30

Shiza Shahid is a Stanford Grad and McKinsey consultant, who works for ‘Malala Fund’, as chief strategist. She met Malala in 2009, when Malala was still young and had been recently shot by the Talibans.

“While I was there by her side,” says Shahid, “she woke up and said, ‘I want to continue my campaign.’ This fueled Shiza Shahid’s ambitions for Malala’s vision, as she thought to herself the ways they could leverage Malala’s voice ways that would drive this energy around Malala into some meaningful action.

The answer sprouted in the form of “Malala Fund”, founded to turn her vision for girls’ education into reality.

Malala’s Funds till date have grown to be somewhere around $400,000 pooled half from World Bank and half from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

3. Malala Yousafzai – 16 Years Old

Three Pakistani Women Ranks in Forbes Top Thirty Entrepreneurs Aged Under 30

Who doesn’t know Malala? The sixteen year old girl has become a global phenomenon.

Ever since Malala fell victim of narrow minded extremism, in October 2012, as she was shot for becoming the voice for women rights and women empowerment, it seems she has received all kinds of praise and awards one could imagine.

She ranked in Times Person of the Year even got short listed for the Nobel peace Prize, received numerous awards in almost all platforms of the world.

Malala has also appeared on The Daily Show, along with penning an autobiography “I Am Malala.” The 16 year old wonder Girl is now using her fame to further women education and empowerment.

H&M & Samsung Join Hands to Sell Beckham’s Attire in Super Bowl Ads

H&M & Samsung Join Hands to Sell Beckhams Attire in Super Bowl Ads
By Zoya Anwer

Samsung Smart TV owners in America are in for a delight while watching Super Bowl this season because they will be able to purchase David Beckham’s clothes for free. 

The mega famous football player stars in the Bodywear Spring Collection 30-second advert of the Swedish clothing brand, H&M being be aired on FOX channel.

The users will be able to buy the clothes via their remote in the Super Bowl XLVIII, which is the yearly championship of National Football League (NFL) in USA.

The viewers watching the telecast on Samsung Smart TV would be able to access the merchandise through the service of “T-Commerce” provided by Delivery Agent, a platform which helps products connect the television viewers directly hence creating easy revenue for the products.

The viewers are able to select and purchase the piece of clothing they desire through devices like remote, tab or phone as it syncs them together.

The CEO of Delivery Agent Mike Fitzsimmons said that by targeting the advertisement in Super Bowl, both companies, H&M as well as Delivery Agent would be “redefining the power and effectiveness of television advertising.” 

This feature however is yet to be witnessed and while Super Bowl has a very high viewership, this facility will only be available to those users who own Samsung Smart TVs with internet connections, the models being purchased is the years 2012, 2013 and after.


Lego and “The Simpsons” Come Together After 25 Years

Lego and The Simpsons Come Together After 25 Years
By Zoya Anwer


Love Lego and Simpsons? They Are Soon Coming Together as One. 

The animated American adult sitcom, The Simpsons will be getting transformed into the miniature models by the world’s favourite Danish toy brand, Lego.

The sneak peak was posted on a brick-building fan forum, with no word on a price or release date. The image consisted of the characters and the house in The Simpsons.

Reporteldy, the box will have 2523 pieces of the Simpson’s family characters of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie. Ned Flanders, their next door neighbor also comes with the family as the box also shows creations like Bart’s skateboard, the car etc.

Even the inside of the house, the never-getting-old 742 Evergreen Terrace seems very real and is a perfect replica, just as expected by Lego.

The price is yet to be declared but from predictions it might be above $100.  With Leg Simpson on its way, we can safely predict that a video game adaptation may not be far behind.

Lego and The Simpsons Come Together After 25 YearsThe Danish toy maker, Lego has a long history of turning its physical toy sets into game adaptations, as it has done with popular franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Lego Group senior development manager Darryl Kelley told GameSpot in October 2012,  “We’ve learned from the past that we need support to make sure that every game is supported from a core theme that we have physically available to our consumers,” Kelley said at the time.

Kelley also added that there still exists a “great opportunity” for more games based on major franchises. This would potentially include The Simpsons.

The Simpsons series writer Al Jean addressed the possibility of a new Simpsons game in August 2013, saying, “We’ve talked about it. I think there will be.”

Watch Vin Diesel’s Personal Video with Paul Walker

Watch Vin Diesels Personal Video with Paul Walker

<p><strong>&ldquo;I had to punch a wall, to feel like a man again&rdquo;</strong>, said every man who watched this video that Vin Diesel shared on his facebook that showcased his friendship with late Paul Walker.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Anyone who has watched any of the six Fast &amp; Furious movies, knows the relationship that <em><strong>Don (Vin Diesel) and Brian O&rsquo;Connor (Walker)</strong></em> share. The two actors made Don and Brian the characters they are today, it couldn&rsquo;t have been possible without a friendship that goes beyond movie sets.</p>
<p>The 18 minute video includes Vin Diesel&rsquo;s interactions with Walker over the years. It&rsquo;s private, funny and understandably sad. The two seems to have developed the same relationship, they have had publically exhibited &ndash; they really were best friends.</p>
<p><embed frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” src=”http://tune.pk/player/embed_player.php?vid=1781342&amp;folder=2014/01/08/&amp;width=780&amp;height=422&amp;autoplay=no” height=”422″ width=”780″></embed></p>
<p>As for the video; Vin Diesel had hinted earlier, that he has<strong> &lsquo;some special plans&rsquo;</strong> for his Facebook followers on the occasion of crossing the 60 million mark. Diesel</p>
<p>Vin Diesel posted this video with a caption that read:</p>
<p><strong>”You have always been so supportive, especially in these past two months&hellip; So, I wanted to share something personal that I worked on through the New Year, in honor of my brother Pablo&hellip; Paul”</strong></p>

Toshiba Unveils First Ever 4K Laptops at Annual CES

Toshiba Unveils First Ever 4K Laptops at Annual CES

By Zoya Anwer

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas is buzzing with the most talked about Ultra HD resolution, which is primarily associated with TVs.

One main highlight of the show is Toshiba bringing out its 4K technology in the form of two laptops which would be launched later this year.

The Tecra W50 has a 15.6” widescreen and the laptop is “designed for professionals working with graphically intensive applications”. Other features include a 2GB Nvidia® Quadro® K2100M GPU.

The other one, 15-inch Satellite P50t comes with the touch-screen features that would work smoothly with the new Windows 8.1.

Apparently it can be conveniently deduced that the latter one, Satellite P50t is thinner than the Tecra W50 but in the workstation context, Tecra W50 would be a better choice.

Both laptops have a 3750 x 2160 resolution at 282 PPI but their prices are yet to be revealed.

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