A new oil marketing company called ‘Euro Oil’ is all set to venture into Pakistan.

The company announced to open 300 retail stations in Pakistan over the next three years and also to open up stand-alone lubricant stations in collaboration with Gazprom, one of the world’s largest oil companies.

The logo and pump design of Euro Oil were unveiled in a graceful event held at a local hotel.

Chief Operating Officer Sohail Ahmad elaborated on the future plans of the company at the event.

300 Retail Stations of Euro Oil to be Opened

Euro Oil will introduce new standards of customer service and quality in the market and will invest aggressively to achieve the target of 300 fuel stations in next three years.

Sohail Ahmad said the logo and design of the company are among the most innovative and modern in the industry and thousands of new jobs will be created in the years to come.

The joint venture with Gazprom, one of the world’s largest companies, to market lubricants and open lubricant centers across Pakistan is evidence of the untapped potential of Pakistan oil market.

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A state of the art storage facility of more than 10 million liters is near completion in Sahiwal and two new storage facilities in Lahore and KP will be completed next year.

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