Pakistan’s leading manufacturer, Suzuki Pakistan, has decided to reduce the price on their Suzuki Bandit GSF650SA. The company launched a bunch of high-end motorbikes a couple of years ago, which includes the Bandit.

Previously, the company had reduced their price for Suzuki Inazuma their 250cc ride from 6.81 lacs to 5.99 lacs in a bid to make them more attractive and accessible to Pakistani bike enthusiasts.

Given that now they are wanting to reduce their price for the 650cc Bandit, the drop in the price might be working in favor of the company. The original price for the 4-cylinder 650cc Suzuki Bandit was previously PKR1,550,000. The new price is now at PKR1,450,000.

However, its only for a limited time!

Are you ready to ride?