In a recent interview, Nausheen Shah shared a bizarre experience of eating pork. She told the host that she mistook the pork for chicken and later realized after not like the taste.

Nausheen Shah’s Favourite Cuisine 

The starlet was recently invited to the talk show of Wasi Shah. When asked what she likes to eat the most and her favorite cuisine the actress responded with ‘Thai, Chinese.’

‘I would say I like Chinese. Thai, Chinese the authentic kind.’

‘I never even liked the Chinese dishes I found in foreign countries. Whenever I have tried Chinese abroad it tastes really bad, especially in Singapore.’ She added.

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While sharing an instance of accidentally eating pork, the actress shared how she mistook pork for chicken sausage and realized only after eating and asking the waiter.

‘There is this instance and guys please don’t judge me, it was accidental. I was in London we were there for an award show. For breakfast, I had a hotdog which I thought was made of chicken meat. Later realizing that it was pork.’ She told the audience.

‘I had taken two bites and I felt the taste was really bad. I realised it doesn’t taste anything like chicken so I went and asked the guy. He told me that it’s pork.’

‘I then ran and vomited the whole thing out. I was like Oh God, but of course, it was a mistake. I didn’t do it on purpose.’ She added.

Nausheen further added that almost everyone in their life goes through a similar instance where do something wrong without even knowing. Anyone can eat anything without even knowing only to later realise.

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