Sham Idrees Response To Ducky Bhai

Sham Idrees, a YouTuber, at one point, was the most subscribed YouTuber in Pakistan. Like most content creators at that time, he made prank videos with his wife, Froggy, and other vlogs and comedic shorts. Eventually, more and more Pakistanis jumped on the bandwagon and followed in his footsteps. Back in 2017, Ducky Bhai released videos roasting his content and family.

Ducky Bhai continuously made content on Sham Idrees and his family, coming up with titles like “Scam Iblees” for him. He continuously trolled his family till the majority began to agree with everything Ducky Bhai had to say, and Sham lost thousands of followers.

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Recently, Sham Idrees released a short, 3-minute, clip on the matter. And this was nothing enjoyable for Ducky Bhai. Sham revisited what happened back in 2019, and shared his experience during it. Sham Idrees continued, that the consistent trolling had led him to a suicidal state and he had lost everything he had worked for, even his friends stopped supporting him.

With this said he maintained, addressing Saad Ur Rehman, I have been in your place before because of you, which is why I know what that is like and I wish it upon no one else. Then, the worst was said. Sham brought up the cycle of Karma.

He stated that Ducky Bhai continuously trolled his wife, and even his mother, on her clothes and her headscarf, because the comments they had to tolerate were disgusting.

However, Sham did not bring up the past to revisit everything Ducky Bhai had said. He mentioned in his video that it was years ago, and everyone has moved past it. He simply brought it up to share his experience with excessive trolling, especially when things become about their wife, mom, or sister.

With that, he well-wishes Ducky Bhai good luck in getting over this.

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