Kiran Ashfaque, in a candid podcast interview, recently opened up about her divorce from Imran Ashraf and what she went through in the past few years.

Her divorce from actor Imran Ashraf was the hot topic of the podcast as she discussed how she is one being questioned to date about her divorce from the actor.

‘In Pakistan, only a girl gets divorced. No one asked the guy anything because they are not the ones who get a divorce. I believe when I got divorced, both my brothers, my sisters, and my parents also got divorced.’

She further added, ‘Everyone till date asks me why did I leave him. Why don’t you ask the other person? I don’t even want to go into the details of why I didn’t leave him earlier, it’s because my mother didn’t let me leave.’

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While sharing her relationship details, Ashfaque got emotional and shared that her mother wouldn’t let her leave the marriage.

‘My mother always told me that I have to be the one to adjust. Since I have two elder sisters as well and they are married. The influence a divorce can have on a family is inevitable and the things the married sisters had to hear are depressing because of my divorce are depressing.’

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