Hania Aamir’s New Tattoo Triggers Netizens

In an era where Hania Amir no longer feels the need to conceal her tattoos, the Pakistani actor recently added a new ink to her collection, proudly sharing the experience on social media.

Documenting her visit to a tattoo shop in London with a friend, Hania opted for a cartoon character Bubbles, reminiscent of our childhood favorite the Powerpuff Girls.

While the tattoo came out really cute, the motivation behind this artistic addition remains unclear.

However, the comment section became a debate platform, with the icebreaker: “I can’t say anything as it’s her own life, but isn’t a tattoo haram????”

This comment triggered a dialogue between orthodox Muslims and their more progressive counterparts. Most expressed concern over the prohibition of tattoos in Islam, while others delved into intricate discussions about different sects.

Some followers were surprised to learn that the actress belongs to the Shia sect, further fueling the ongoing debate with dozens of replies.

This didn’t end there…

Some went on to lamented that Pakistanis no longer have the core Islamic values.

And the debate went on…

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