Coke Studio Season 9 Episode 7 Finale featuring Amjad Sabri has all ecstatic! Coke Studio fever has struck us all and we just cannot wait for the grand finale this year. The hype and fervor is growing with every passing day, especially after the amazing line up that awaits us all.

Vocal powerhouses like the late Amjad Sabri, the legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, QB, and the five music directors, Noorie, Shuja Haider, Faakhir and Shiraz Uppal are all ready to unleash their talent- the final episode will definitely be power-packed!

Watch the promo below & so stay tuned.

This year’s Coke Studio introduced us to some of the most extraordinary talent, such as Momina Mustehsan and her nightingale voice, and Shilpa Rao and Nirmal Roy’s melodious vocals.


Music has been one of the vital parts of the Pakistani culture- talents such as Amjad Sabri will always remain the beacon of our music culture. The late qawwali maestro’s much-awaited first and last CS performance “Aj Rang Hai” will be aired this weekend!


Sabri’s glimpse in the first promo managed to move fans to tears, let’s see what the actual track holds for all of us! Watch the promo below:

This year, Coke Studio Season 9 managed to acquire 100 million views and plays from all across the world- it truly is a milestone achievement. 


Since the day, Coke Studio’s patriotic track ‘Raahe Haq K Shaheedo has hit our TV screens, fans are desperately awaiting Amjad Sabri’s soulful performance, including us!

Amjad Sabri & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Qawwali ‘Aaj Rang Hai’ to Feature in Coke Studio 9 Episode 7

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