asf and civilians fight airport

A popular Pakistani academic and columnist who serves as the General Manager of Strategy and a weekly columnist for Daily Jang, Ali Moeen Nawazish took to his social media page to share a disturbing video that’s spreading like wildfire.

In the video Airport Security Force officers can be seen getting into a physical fight with civilians.

Unfortunately, there is also some spitting and chair-throwing happening in the video.

Take a look at the video below:

Nawazish rose to popularity in 2009 for securing 22 A grades, 1B and 1C A-Levels, a world record at that time. He later went on to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations from Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and then completed a master’s degree in journalism from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

He strongly condemns the actions of the authorities and demands strict action.

No matter who was responsible for starting it, but the chair throwing from the top and spitting down on passengers by ASF was unacceptable! Strict action should be taken against the officer!

Take a look at social media’s reaction to the video:

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