Ever eaten a meal and wondered how much you’d have to run to burn off all those pesky calories? If you’re a regular fast food lover, it might be a good idea to start.


Every item of food has its own calories, and in order to lead a healthy lifestyle one has to consider how much working out is needed to counter the negative effects of delicious but unhealthy food.

Whether it’s a meal from a McDonald’s or a simple bar of your favourite chocolate, check out the list below to see how many kilometers you’re going to have to work out to fight back those stubborn calories.

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Fast Food/Snacks

Lays Chips: 10.47 km

Lays Ostre Chill

Wrap: 11.99 km


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Coca Cola Can: 1.87 km

Coca Cola

A Cup of Coffee: 0.42 km


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2 Ferrero Rochers: 2.21 km

Ferrero Rochere

Twix: 3.97 km


Mars: 3.34 km


Bounty: 3.93 km


Snickers: 3.66 km


KitKat: 3.54 km


Even healthy foods have calories and require a balanced amount of physical activity to maintain a stable bill of health. For example, one cob of corn would require up to 2.38 km worth of working out to burn off all the calories.

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Of course, this doesn’t mean that healthier options like corn don’t have added health benefits when compared to the above snacks and processed meals.

You are much more likely to be in better shape in the long run if you opt for a corn on the cob as compared to a McDonald’s cheeseburger any day.

The difficult but best solution is to eat in moderation and maintain a regular routine of physical activity to maintain your health and greatly improve the quality of your life.

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