Fiza Ali Under Fire for Allegedly Exploiting Trauma on Her Show

Fiza Ali, a veteran actress, singer, and host, has been  in the Pakistani entertainment industry for years. As a single mother, she has always prioritized her daughter and has been vocal about her experiences as a co-parent.

Currently hosting the popular morning show “Morning With Fiza,” she recently came across a heart-wrenching case that has sparked a heated debate on social media. On a recent episode, Fiza Ali featured two young girls who were abandoned by their father due to his preference for sons. Tragically, their mother took her own life just five days after being divorced by their father, who has since refused to take responsibility for his daughters. The girls’ aunt has taken them in and is raising them as her own.

While Fiza Ali’s intention may have been to raise awareness about the devastating consequences of gender bias and the importance of supporting vulnerable children, the internet is criticizing the show’s producers for exploiting the girls’ trauma. Many viewers felt uncomfortable watching the girls relive their mother’s suicide on live television, with some even accusing the show of sensationalizing their pain for the sake of ratings.

Social media users have expressed their outrage, stating that the show’s approach was insensitive and potentially harmful to the girls’ well-being. Some have argued that Fiza Ali and the producers should have prioritized the girls’ privacy and protection over the need for a sensational story.

“Fiza Ali and her team should be ashamed of themselves for putting those poor girls through that. It’s not about raising awareness, it’s about exploiting their trauma for the sake of entertainment,” wrote one user.


Another user added, “Those girls have been through enough. They don’t need to relive their mother’s suicide on national television. Fiza Ali and her producers should have handled this with more sensitivity and respect.”

While Fiza Ali and her team may have intended to highlight an important social issue, the controversy surrounding the episode serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible and ethical storytelling.

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