Yasir Hussain

The handsome hunk Yasir Hussain is one of the most loved celebrities in the Pakistani entertainment industry who never hesitate to be what he is in reality.

Yesterday, the actor took to his social networking handle to share a picture of his recent photo shoot which was taken by none another Iqra Aziz.

In the pictures, the actor was shirtless and oh my, we couldn’t stop gushing over him!

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He shared the pictures through his Instagram account with the caption:

And this our life, Exempt from public haunt

However, it was his sculpted body that caught our attention, but his tattoo caught everyone’s attention and people were just curious was what inked on his back!

Well, we won’t lie even we were curious to know! 

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And this our life, Exempt from public haunt🧿

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Luckily, we got to know that Yasir Hussain inked ‘Amma’ on his back a long time ago as she was the woman who he loves the most. He, however, keeps these imprints of love, hidden under his shirts.

Check out his other photos from the photoshoot done by Iqra Aziz!

Yasir has two other tattoos and one of them is of his pet dog!

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However, as soon as his pictures were posted on the internet, the actor started to get backlash for getting a tattoo. Here are some examples of the hate he has received.

yasir hussain

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