Holy Quran
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A notification was issued by Punjab governers secretariat stating that the teaching of the Holy Quran with Urdu translation in universities will become mandatory for all existing and future students.

Students in Punjab will not be awarded a degree if he/she has not taken the Holy Quran as a course. The notification said, “Lecturers in all the universities of Punjab will teach the Holy Quran with translation to all students.”

It is notable to mention that the Holy Quran with Urdu translation will be completely separate from Islamic studies. 

The resolution passed in the National Assembly stated that our country’s official name is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which essentially means that the teaching of the Sunnah and the Holy Quran will be studied as the highest law.

“Therefore, it is necessary to make proper arrangements for the understanding of the Holy Quran in universities.”

Non-Muslim students can be offered an ethics course instead of the Holy Quran. The notification also emphasized that “the Quran course may have equivalent to one credit hour per year (Theory/Practical) as the relevant University feels appropriate. However, the HEC limit of total credit hours in the Undergraduate program must be followed.”

HEC To Introduce Competency-Based Education for the Upcoming Year. Read the full story here: 

HEC To Introduce Competency-Based Education for the Upcoming Year

The resolution further says that “the assessment of the Quran course must require each candidate to pass/fail. The student may be further assigned a grade as in any other credit subject if University feels necessary/appropriate.”

The committee’s members included King Edward Medical University (KEMU) Prof Dr. Masood Gondal, University of Education VC Prof Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha, University of Engineering and Technology (UET) VC Prof Mansoor Sarwar, University of Health Sciences (UHS) VC Dr. Javaid Akram, Government College University (GCU) VC Prof Dr. Asghar Zaidi and Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) VC Dr. Bushra Mirza.

Holy Quran
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Another Resolution was Passed Unanimously  

Another resolution was passed on Kashmir Martyrs’ Day unanimously that extended political and diplomatic support to the people living in Kashmir. It also condemned the brutalities carried out by the Indian soldiers in the region.

“This House extends Pakistan’s diplomatic and political support to the right to self-determination of Kashmiris as ensured in United Nations Security Council resolutions and demands an immediate end to the brutal acts in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK),” said the resolution.

A PML-N member, Ayesha Ghous Pasha, condemned the PTI government’s move for permitting Indian’s to access the Wagah border for trade purposes.

She asked, “I want to know why the government has allowed the opening of Wagah border on the Martyrs’ Day?”. She demanded the government to share information regarding the conditions that were set before opening the Afghan transit for trade.

Also, why is the government facilitating India with trade and that too on Kashmir Martyr’s Day? She further asked, “Is the opening of Wagah border for trade a gesture of showing loyalty to Kashmiris?”

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