Applying to companies for engineering in Pakistan
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The job market can seem to be quite a difficult one these days, especially for fresh graduates. Many times, people do not know when the openings of a company are live, and they miss out on them. Additionally, many companies perform soft releases of their vacant positions, thus not everyone gets to see them. However, we know a couple of companies that Engineering graduates should definitely apply to.

Even if they do not have vacant positions, the graduates should still keep a sharp eye on their posts and activities and even drop an email to their support. Many times, we are unable to find any posts for vacant positions, but if we email them, we find out that there are positions open for fresh graduates.

Applying in companies in Pakistan
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1. Engro Fertilizers

This is one of the most famous companies in Pakistan, especially for young engineers. While their hiring is usually limited and they often perform soft releases of vacant posts, keep a sharp eye on them. If you make it through the application process, the growth in the company is quite exponential. You can take care of yourself and your family quite well by working at Engro.

2. Artistic Millners for Engineering

Here we have another company placed within the Engineering sector. It is always on the lookout for fresh talent and it can provide you with a good gateway towards an engineering career. They are located in Korangi Industrial Area, and they offer market competitive salaries to their employees. You can always check to see their opening, they even have graduate recruitment programs.

Artistic and other jobs in engineering
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3. Systems Limited

If you’ve managed to pick up programming and software skills quite well during your university time, this company can be for you. It can help you nurture your skills quite well, promoting immense growth within a short time frame. Make sure to keep an eye on their page and posts for openings.

4. Lucky Cement for Engineering

Here is another titan in the engineering domain that does soft releases for their vacant positions. They offer great growth for fresh graduates, as well as good exposure to the industry. A person can learn a lot of skills and polish their existing ones while working here. They might have to work from a site, but they also learn a lot about making it on their own!

Lucky cement and other places to apply to
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5. Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL)

We encourage everyone to take a step towards the oil and gas sector in Pakistan. There is immense growth, as well as highly compensated jobs along with a multitude of benefits. It can be harder to get into this industry but we ask you to give it your best. Not only do you continue to learn something new everyday, you can also take care of your family to the best of your abilities.

Applying at these places is sure to land you a callback on an interview at least once. Make sure to keep reminding them of your process and application so they have you in mind.

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