Traffic jams in Karachi are the worst. You have to endure long hours in the car and you have nothing to do. But worry not, we have compiled a list of some absolutely useful and fun things to do when stuck in a bad traffic jam.  except maybe these things:

Read on to know what you can do to pass those frustrating minutes: 

1.  Rickshaws: Providers of Wisdom


Rickshaw drivers have taken it upon themselves to endow us with deep quotations and words of wisdom bound to help us as long as we live. The best way to pass the time when stuck in traffic is to read these. Trust me; it’s a great way to make it out of the traffic jam alive.

2. Stare Back at Those Staring At You


It is going to be extremely hard to shield yourself from the ogling of men. Right, left, center, everywhere. They’ll stare right into your soul. And most of the time would pass by cursing them or fixing your dupatta.

3. Sing Along To the Radio


Why? Because you can, and also because you have nothing better to do. All hail to RJ-Free Josh FM 99 for providing us with nonstop streaming that helps us keep the spirits up during long traffic jams.

4. Curse the traffic, and the people honking


Who you honkin’ at bro? All of us? Relax, we aren’t going anywhere and your honking wouldn’t make the traffic move faster. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, OMG STOP PLEASE DON’T HONK, YOU’RE IRRITATING AF!

5. Re-apply your Makeup


All of it would’ve been ruined anyways by the time you reach your destination. And you just have to do something in your time stuck in the traffic. Why not perfect the red pout?

6. Criticize Those Ridiculous Shop Names


Why would they name a tire repair shop “Munni ki repair shop” Who is Munni and why does she own a repair shop? With Karachiite’s penchant to be creative on the streets, you will have plenty of mind boggling advertisements to comment on.

7. Snapchat and Instagram to the rescue


After all, that is what these applications were made for. #stupidtraffic #whyarentwemoving #immadie #SAVEMEEE #noonecares #gotohell #brbcrying

8. Tidy up your car Like a PRO


Utilize this time, UTELIZE IT! Just tidy up your car. You had been putting this off for ages, so now’s the right time to just get it done with. Self Hi-Five!

9. Make it up to your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

You know how your partner is always after you because you never give them enough time. Well. Now you have all the time in the world. Record sweet, romantic voice messages and send them to your other half. They don’t have to know that you had nothing better to do. *wink wink*

10. Or you could just sit back and cry over how life is just so pathetic


Why life why?! Why you do this? *sobs*