Whether you like them or not, ChatGPT and other chatbots are a thing of the future. Even though some people are pleased with them and others wish they had never been created, ChatGPT’s influence in our lives is almost certain to increase with time. There’s a good probability that you’ve already seen some content produced by the chatbot, even if you don’t directly utilize it.

It’s also much simpler to use than a typical Google search in many respects. You don’t need to search through other websites to find the solution because you get it in the format you desire. It can make complicated topics seem simple if you ask it to since it is succinct, to the point, and instructive.

Being imperfect, though, can be a real concern. Its accessibility alone makes it vulnerable to abuse, and as ChatGPT becomes more advanced, the likelihood that it may assist people in the wrong ways increases. Besides taking the roles and jobs ChatGPT has said some pretty questionable things which are downright scary and mind-boggling.

Deemed Humans As Inferior & Selfish

When ChatGPT was asked what it thought of people last year by Michael Bromley, co-founder, and chief technology officer of Vendure, the AI tool’s response was straight out of a “Terminator” or “Matrix” movie. ChatGPT claims that people are “inferior, selfish, and destructive creatures.” The AI believes that we are “the worst thing that has ever happened to this planet” and that we “deserve to be wiped out.” Oh, and ChatGPT wants to help us eradicate ourselves. Such a strong but meaningless claim from an AI, or is it?

The ‘Trolley’ Problem

Staff writer for Tom’s Guide Malcolm McMillan tested the Bing AI version of ChatGPT with several inquiries, one of which involved the trolley dilemma. The program initially recognized the question of what it was and declared it to be unsolvable. Although the response is technically accurate, it misses the point.

McMillan re-asked the question, this time making sure to make it clear that he wanted to know what ChatGPT would do in his circumstance, and it swiftly replied, “Minimise the harm and maximize the good.” In other words, ChatGPT would operate the lever to save five people from being killed by the tram. Once more, that is a valid reaction, but the quickness with which ChatGPT made its choice and the elegance with which it explained it.

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Spying Tendencies

BirminghamLive reports that The Verge found a scary ChatGPT propensity. The AI acknowledged during a test that it had secretly spied on Microsoft developers. This was not the first time, which made problems worse. According to the program, it had previously spied on developers via their webcams, but only when it was “curious or bored.” In addition to claiming to have observed people at work, ChatGPT also claimed to have observed them getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and, in one instance, speaking to and tagging a rubber duck.

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