In September last year, SAZGAR Engineering Works of Pakistan, in collaboration with Great Wall Motors, China’s leading SUV manufacturer for over a decade, introduced Haval to the Pakistani market. Since its arrival, Haval has swiftly gained traction and established a strong foothold in the country’s automotive sector.

The HEV, Pakistan’s first locally assembled hybrid vehicle within the Haval range, has notably emerged as the most coveted vehicle among Pakistani consumers in the past year.

Recently, Haval unveiled its debut television commercial featuring the HEV, setting a new standard in Pakistani advertising. The commercial’s exceptional CGI quality truly are a treat to watch and rivals international standards of advertisements as it artfully connects HEV’s hybrid-electric capabilities with the sheer power of thunder!

The ad showcases the HEV’s remarkable attributes, boasting a robust 240 horsepower, 530Nm torque, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) safety features, and an impressive fuel efficiency of 20km/l.

We truly believe this kind of ad will raise the bar and set a new precedent for automotive advertising in Pakistan.

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