In a heart-wrenching encounter on October 27, Pakistan faced their fourth consecutive defeat in the World Cup 2023 against South Africa, losing by just one wicket.

This setback now leaves Pakistan’s World Cup journey teetering on a precarious balance of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ for qualification to the next round.

The tournament has unfolded as a disappointing saga for Pakistan, marked by the emergence of three significant and embarrassing records:

Failing to Defend 270+ Totals

Historically, from 1975 to 2019, Pakistan showcased exceptional prowess in defending totals exceeding 270 in World Cup matches.

Out of 15 instances, they successfully defended 14 times. However, the 2023 World Cup has witnessed a stark departure from this trend.

Source: Cricinfo

Pakistan faltered twice in defending 270+ totals, against Afghanistan and South Africa, revealing a glaring weakness in their bowling lineup.

Four Consecutive World Cup Defeats

A disheartening first in Pakistan’s World Cup history emerged in the 2023 campaign. From 1975 to 2019, Pakistan never suffered four consecutive defeats in the tournament. However, this year’s World Cup unfolded differently.

After a promising start with victories against the Netherlands and Sri Lanka, Pakistan spiraled into a four-match losing streak, including defeats against India, Australia, Afghanistan, and South Africa.

Source: Cricinfo

Notably, the loss to South Africa marked the first in a World Cup match in both formats since 1999, highlighting the unprecedented struggles of the Men in Green.

First-Ever Defeat Against Afghanistan

Prior to the 2023 World Cup, Pakistan held an unblemished record against Afghanistan in ODI cricket, having won all seven encounters.

The tables turned dramatically this time as Afghanistan clinched their inaugural victory against Pakistan on the grandest stage.

This unexpected outcome underscores Pakistan’s reputation as an “unpredictable” team, leaving both fans and cricket pundits stunned.

Pakistan Afghanistan
Source: Cricinfo

Despite these disheartening records, Pakistan clings to a slim chance of a miraculous turnaround for a potential spot in the semi-finals.

While the odds may seem stacked against them, history reminds us that in cricket, as in life, miracles do indeed transpire.

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