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The most horrifying incident occurred at Minar-e-Pakistan on the 14th of August. A woman peacefully celebrating independence day was groped, molested, harassed and stripped by not one, two, or three men but by 400 men. While you let that sink in, #Notallmen is trending on Twitter.

The Incident

The incident occurred 4 days ago and it only came to light yesterday. The fact that such a disgustingly horrifying case took 3 days to even become public shows a lot. The female was with her friends at the national monument where out of nowhere men started attacking her.

400 men, collectively, attacked her and groped her for hours. The video shows daylight fade in the background and she received no help. A single call to the police could have also helped but people rather made videos. In the end, the woman’s clothes were ripped.

The Update

So far, a case has been filed and an FIR has been registered. Women on social media and on Tiktok are using their skills to find the men involved in the act. Many faces have come to light such as these, take screenshots at your will and send them to the police.

Twitter Trends

However, as if it could not get worse, #NotAllMen started trending on Twitter. Those men who were not present at the monument to participate in this vile act felt offended. The trend triggered many women and allies who started aggressively campaigning to the contrary. 

Image Source: BBC

At last, the sad state of affairs in this country can be summarised in this picture. Women and allies trying to bring attention to disgusting cases. While on the other hand, men simply argue on if not all or some men rather than empathise with the situation.

The #YesAllMen Movement

The tweets of women, survivors, and allies are heart-wrenching. They share their feelings, their thoughts while empathising and it is unbearable. What is even more unbearable is the thought of what the woman bore for hours. Read what people have to say:

The Problem

Though we know the male gender can not be salvaged, internalised misogyny is also the issue here. Women will still find a way to blame the innocent, harmless female TikToker. Women who will defend the men and support them in their #notallmen fight. One such example is this tweet:

This taxing, burdening, and emotionally draining fight can not be fought alone. If we can not stand together, tomorrow it will be one of us. How many more do we lose?

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