Young vlogger Shiraz says farewell to YouTube. Pakistan’s youngest vlogger, Muhammad Shiraz, has made a significant mark on YouTube in a short period. However, his followers have recently received some disappointing news.

On May 15th, Shiraz uploaded his final vlog on YouTube, titled “Last Vlog.” In this emotional 11-minute video, he shared the reasons behind his decision to leave YouTube.

Shiraz explained that his father wants him to focus more on his education rather than vlogging. He appeared with his younger sister, Muskhan, to convey this message to his fans. Shiraz said that he would no longer be making videos as his father has advised him to dedicate his time to his studies.

Shiraz is Following Parental Guidance

Despite his passion for vlogging, Shiraz expressed his commitment to his family’s wishes. He said, “I have a great desire to continue vlogging, but today marks my last vlog. What should I do?” Many people advised him not to quit, but Shiraz decided to listen to his parents. He emphasized the importance of following their guidance.

In his final message, he thanked his fans for their immense love and support. He assured them that he would make efforts to return soon. He concluded the video with gratitude and hope for the future.

Muhammad Shiraz’s known for being Pakistan’s youngest vlogger. He hails from the village of Gurse, near Siachen. This talented individual gained popularity by showcasing the beautiful scenery of his village, the struggles they face, and building a unique identity among his viewers. He singlehandedly brought light to prominent matters online.

His departure from YouTube has saddened many fans, but they respect his decision to prioritize his education. Shiraz’s journey as a vlogger has left a lasting impression, and his fans eagerly await his return.

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Mahnoor Rashid
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