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Police on Monday registered a case against a Lahore beauty parlour owner and staff for secretly filming female customers in Faisal Town. The case was filed against the beauty parlour owner, Aroosa. Also her employees, Kinza, Sana, and Mubashira, following a complaint from a female client who discovered she had been secretly filmed.

The client noticed the employees acting suspiciously. Soon after some more observation, she noticed she was being recorded. The matter was then recorded by the cleint as evidence. Currently, the appropriate authorities are investigating the incident and those guilty.

Secret Filming Scandal in Lahore Beauty Parlour and Girls’ Hostel

Earlier this Sunday, another disturbing incident came to light. Hidden cameras were discovered in a private girls’ hostel in Lahore. This incident took place in Johar Town. Over here, the cameras were found installed inside the hostel’s washroom. Soon after, a case was registered against the hostel owner. Moreover, against his wife, and seven other suspects too. All happened after a student’s uncle lodged a complaint.

Later, according to police officials, the accused fled the scene. This has led to the hostel being vacated and out of business. The investigative team has recorded statements from over 40 students who were residing in the hostel. These students have confirmed the presence of hidden cameras in the washroom. Plus helped the police locate them as evidence.

Both of these incidents have shown a horrible invasion of privacy violations. More than that they have affected the safety of women in such establishments. The police are actively pursuing the investigation to bring the culprits to justice, by trying to locate those who have fled. Currently at this point, it is critical to ensure such breaches of privacy are prevented in the near future.


In Nawab Town, a beauty salon owner is in serious trouble after being accused of secretly recording her customers. Police registered a case on Wednesday against Rukhsana Amjad, the salon owner, following a complaint from two women, Esha and Areeba.

Salon Owner Accused of Secretly Filming Customers

Esha and Areeba went to the beauty parlor for a treatment. While they were there, they noticed Rukhsana, an employee, behaving suspiciously. They realized she was allegedly recording them with her mobile phone while they were not properly dressed. When they confronted her, Rukhsana became nervous.

The two women took Rukhsana’s phone and checked it. To their shock, they discovered that not only had Rukhsana recorded their video, but she had also shared it with several people via WhatsApp. This invasion of privacy prompted Esha and Areeba to report the incident to the police.

The police have taken the complaint seriously and are investigating the matter. They are looking into the allegations to gather evidence and ensure justice for the victims.

This incident has raised concerns about privacy and safety in beauty parlors. Customers trust these establishments and expect their personal space to be respected. Violations like this not only break the law but also breach that trust.

The case has also highlighted the importance of vigilance and awareness. It serves as a reminder to be cautious and aware of one’s surroundings, especially in private settings.

The investigation is ongoing, and the police are working to determine and find out the full extent of the crime. Meanwhile, the community is awaiting the results and hoping for a resolution that will uphold the victims’ rights and reinforce the importance of privacy and security in all service industries.

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