Image Source: Micoope

Energy Minister Awais Leghari announced that the federal government has no intentions of ending solar net-metering in the next fiscal year.

Speaking to reporters at the LESCO headquarters, Leghari dismissed recent reports suggesting the termination of solar net-metering, emphasizing that the program remains a government priority.

Recently, there were reports that the government planned to replace solar net-metering with a gross metering system, aiming to discourage solar usage and push consumers back to the more expensive grid electricity.

However, Leghari reassured that any new policies would not impact consumers who already have solar power installations and net-metering contracts. He also mentioned that any future policy changes would be made in consultation with all stakeholders.

Since its inception, the popularity of net-metering has soared, with applications for net-metering licenses increasing by 125 percent in the current fiscal year. At present, 113,000 households have solar net-metering connections.

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