The anticipation for the India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match has reached fever pitch, and so have the ticket prices. Scheduled for June 9 at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York, this high-stakes encounter is generating unprecedented demand.

With limited ticket availability, prices have soared, particularly through scalpers. The cheapest ticket now stands at a whopping $1,320.

To put that in perspective, this surpasses the top ticket price for the iconic New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox baseball game, which caps at $1,296. For those unfamiliar, the Yankees vs Red Sox rivalry is the American equivalent of India vs Pakistan in cricket.

On third-party platforms, the situation is even more extreme. Tickets are fetching as much as $10,000, with the lowest available still at $1,320. It’s clear that fans are willing to pay top dollar to witness this epic clash.

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If one wants to avoid scalpers and buy directly from the ICC’s official website, one should be prepared to shell out even more. The least expensive ticket there starts at $2,000, with the highest priced at $2,750. The ICC has structured the tickets into three pricing tiers, but none of them are budget-friendly.

Matches between India and Pakistan always draw massive crowds, regardless of the venue. This historic rivalry, combined with the rarity of their encounters, ensures that every match is a must-see event.

The ICC is well aware of this and often places the two teams in the same group at major tournaments to maximize viewership and attendance. The soaring ticket prices for the India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match reflect the immense popularity and demand for this iconic fixture.

Whether through official channels or third-party sellers, fans are facing steep costs to be part of the action. However, for many, the chance to witness cricket’s greatest rivalry live is worth every penny.

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