Sultana Siddiqui is a legendary figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry. As the President of Hum Network, she has had a remarkable career. She started as a director and producer at PTV, where she created many memorable hits for Pakistan. Recently, she was a guest on Ahmed Ali Butt’s show and shared her journey and insights on how the industry has evolved over time.

Sultana Siddiqui reminisced about the respect artists used to have for producers and directors in the past. She shared an incident involving Shafi Muhammad Shah, another legend of the Pakistani entertainment world. Shafi Muhammad Shah had a long and successful career, starring in over 500 dramas and films in both Urdu and Sindhi languages. He passed away in 2007 but remains a significant name in the industry.

Siddiqui recalled a time when Shafi Muhammad was late for a shoot. In fact, he had come and made an excuse to leave for a moment but did not make it back. After waiting for him, she decided to get him banned by the PTV management because she valued punctuality and respect for deadlines. She mentioned that Shafi Muhammad later apologized to her, and even the higher-ups at PTV asked her to forgive him, which she did. She emphasized that there was a sense of respect and discipline back then, which she feels is missing in today’s stars.

What Sultana Thinks of Changes in the Industry

Sultana Siddiqui believes that the current generation of stars is different because they haven’t gone through the same rigorous rehearsals, efforts, and experiences as the older generation. She noted that this has led to a change in attitudes and a lack of respect that was once common.

Her journey and experiences continue to inspire many in the field.

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Mahnoor Rashid
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