By Zulfiqar Ali Sajwani

Imagine if you could actually record and see the entire ageing process that occurs to you during your lifetime. It would certainly be fascinating and the new ‘viral’ video entitled Danielle takes you on this subtle roller coaster ride.

Conceptualized by New York-based video and photo editor Anthony Cerniello, the video displays a girl’s face which eventually transforms to a woman’s face. As  subtle changes start appearing on the face, she starts to  look older every second.

The entire journey from childhood to maturity and subsequently old age is portrayed with finesse. The old lady with a contented smile gives a graceful ending to the video.

According to the reports, the video is a product of Cerniello’s recovery from the anxiety of the 9/11 attacks that he lived through.

Looking at how the artist developed this masterpiece, it was figured out that the video is an amalgamation of Danielle’s images herself along with her sisters, cousins, nieces and other female relatives. Cerniello has played with the bone structures of all the images he took, taking advantage of the similarity.

The video has already achieved over 17 lakh views and the viewers are growing day by day.‘Danielle’ has clearly proven that even deep and thoughtful videos can achieve massive appeal.