Desi pronounciation-03

As a nation, we Pakistanis love to mess things up. Let’s just accept it, be it a clean pool of water or just a perfectly frosted cake waiting to be cut, we just can’t help ourselves from twisting things around till they suit our sense of propriety.

Well, what else can you expect from us? We add 12 desi spices to Chinese food and add seekh kabab to Pizza Stuffings and they’re delicious!

Likewise, we mess around with English, add our desi touch and turn it into something called Minglish. Below are some of the most common words we find ourselves blurting out every now and then.

Desi pronounciation-13 Desi pronounciation-12 Desi pronounciation-11 Desi pronounciation-10 Desi pronounciation-09 Desi pronounciation-04 Desi pronounciation-05 Desi pronounciation-06 Desi pronounciation-07 Desi pronounciation-08 Desi pronounciation-03 Desi pronounciation-02 Desi pronounciation-01

Desi Pronunciation Desi Pronunciation

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