UCP Dance Video Stirs Public Fury On Social Media

The University of Central Punjab (UCP) in Lahore is facing criticism due to allegations of hosting an explicit dance event on its campus. This situation has prompted numerous netizens to call for legal action against the university and advocate for stringent consequences for the students engaged in lewd and indecent activities.

UCP Under Fire 

As the video from The University of Central Punjab went viral, it immediately gained widespread attention, online commentators urged severe action against the administration responsible for what they deemed a ‘shameful act.’

Journalist, Maria Isfahani, posted videos from UCP’s dance party on X (formerly Twitter), which sparked outrage among netizens regarding the condition of Pakistan’s educational institutions.

Take a look at her post below.

The Twitter Reacts To The Obscene Party

While the public’s reaction towards the videos was originally scrutinized, the Twitter thread of the journalist’s post saw varying comments. While some tweets urged the journalist to stop spreading hate and let the students enjoy themselves, others raised questions about the authenticity of the videos. According to some tweets, these videos don’t belong to the UCP party since the event at UCP was held indoors.

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Meanwhile, other users noted that both the videos posted by the journalist are different and there is no correlation between the two. A few users asked her to stop posting personal stuff on social media.

Here are some tweets from the social media before.

While the authenticity of the videos is still under question, this isn’t the first time UCP went under fire for such activities. However, whether there is any truth to the news or not, strict action against the administration responsible for it will only be able to clear things out.

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