Hazim Bangwar

Raised in New York, Hazim Bangwar is not just a talented artist, but also the assistant commissioner in the government of Sindh. After accusations that he dresses inappropriately, Hazim clapped back at the critics stating he carries his office with respect.

“I’ve carried my office with respect and dignity and always dressed appropriately,” Hazim quoted on his Instagram profile. Yesterday, on the 14th of May, Bangwar shared a simple yet powerful message, clarifying all the misconceptions about him. The statement was a response to people who began to accuse Hazim of disrespecting his office by dressing inappropriately. Which made no sense, as cleared by Hazim, because all he has done is remain true to himself and dress as he wishes to.


Hazim Bangwar At Local Styles Award

Unfortunately, the most criticism came after Hazim attended a local styles award recently in an all-gothic attire. This is perhaps why Bangwar highlighted that he has left a life of luxury. He also continued that, he had sacrificed a life of luxury to serve his people. Furthermore, he maintained that he will continue to do so.

Commenting on all the netizens questioning why he isn’t dressed appropriately for his job, he asked if u ever see doctors in lab coats outside work too.

Fawad Chaudhry took it to platform X to express his concern for the way people in civil service seem to be dressing up. In support of Hazim, Absa Komal replied stating there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing your taste and preferences in fashion. Especially outside of work.

Fans of the outfit believed he looked great. Some even said he reminded them of Game of Thrones. And others defended his style pertaining to his personal life, and completely separate from his job.

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