Mohib Mirza, in the latest episode of his talk show, his thoughts on the condition of Karachi’s roads. Safe to say that he has been in the same boat as all of us and the actor is hilariously claiming it.

The streets of Karachi might not be as old as Mohib Mirza but the potholes and the frail situation of the concrete are definitely as old as the actor. Mohib shared his thoughts on Karachi’s condition and how he has grown up while not seeing any change in the city’s infrastructure.

It is no surprise that Karachi’s needs have been overlooked by the authorities for decades now. However, the major issue with the citizens has been the daunting condition of roads making commuting extremely difficult day by day.

Mohib Mirza Shares His Experience 

In his show, while hosting Sarfaraz Ahmed and Shoaib Malik, the actor was discussing his thoughts on praying for someone to actually play their part in the city’s development.

His hilarious comment can be checked out in the video below.

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‘Hopefully, things get better economically and politically so that the public can get some relief. I grew up and the pothole which was present on Shahrah-e-Faisal is still there.’ Said the actor.

In response to his comment, cricketer Sarfaraz added his experience with a pothole where he spilled over his soft drink in the car while hitting a pothole right around his street. Needless to say, the entire conversation felt like a comic relief on a matter that has become disappointing, to say the least.

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