Pakistan is a nation of food and foodies. Anybody who has ever visited would agree. It makes me very proud to say that Pakistan is home to all sorts of delicacies, enjoyed by people from all around the country. Though it gets a little spicy for tourists but Hey! That’s what we are!

There are many must-have Pakistani dishes from all across the country, but if I were to choose only one best from some of the diverse regions, it would short list to 9 best dishes that every Pakistani must try!

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1. Karachi ke Bun Kabab


Ever tried  the famous famous ‘Bun Kabab’s from Burns Road’s ? The fresh buns with the overload of their trademark green spicy chatni and the soft and delicious kababs, are a treat and perfect for a quick snack. Not to forget the crispy-ness of onions. YUMM!

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2. Lahori Paaye


Lahore’s food street would be your go to place to have the real taste of Pakistan. Their “Paaye’s “are to die for. Take my word for it! Even though there are a number of places that offer the Lahori famous ‘Siri Paye’, but if we were to name one, it would, without any doubt, be 2 places in the Heera Mandi area. Fazal Din’s and  ‘Phajjay ke Siri Paaye’ are famous food stops enjoyed by all from breakfast to dinner.

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3. Multani Chaanpain


Yet another place in Punjab to rave about. If you are die-heart foodie and love desi food, try the very spicy Chaamps from Multan! This is a dish served with special Multani spices to give it the special taste of the reason.

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4. Chicken Karahi from Islamabad


Islamabad’s  Karahi is unbeatable!Although this is a dish consumed and made in many households, the taste we find at Islamabad is found nowhere else.

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5. Chappali Kabab from Khyber Pukhtunkhuwa

Pakistani food

Chapli Kabab or Chappal Kabab is prepared with the spicy amalgam of beef mince with onions, tomatoes and green chilies mixed with coriander, pomegranate & cumin seeds, salt, black pepper, lemon juice, eggs, cornstarch and coriander leaves. Most of these articles are indigenous to this region.

Chapli Kebab is shaped in a flat patty and cooked in animal fat on a large horizontal griddle. The typical Pakhtun recipe also includes the addition of white flour in the material and the peppery taste of these kebabs is enjoyable for everyone. This is usually served with roti or Naan.

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6. Tikka Karahi from Peshawar


Tikka and Karahi together? I am not kidding. I can’t wait to try this combination which includes the taste of tikka and Karahi blended together.

Though the recipe differs from place to place, the most authentic one is to marinate the chicken in Tikka masala and other spices and then cook them in tomato puree along with Karahi masala and everyday spices.

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7. Sindhi Biryani


Sindhi Biryani is one of the favorite dishes, not only for the people of Sindh but for all of Pakistan. The mouth-watering taste of the Sindhi Biryani has no comparison.This dish is served with an appetizing salad and different type of sauces.

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8. Khada Gosht of Quetta


This food item is an ultimate indulgence and a great delight for food lovers of Pakistan. The whole goat or lamb is cooked on charcoal fire and is then presented in the same way.

It has great taste and especially suitable for cold areas like Quetta. The fat content helps in keeping the body warm and metabolism high.

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9. Gushtaba and Rice from Kashmir


This is a Kashmiri Dish contains large meatballs which are cooked with saffron yoghurt gravy and served with white rice.

We know there is a lot more to Pakistan than we have covered. If there is something you have tried and would like to tell us, we are all ears! Let us know in the comments.

Till then, eat well, live well!