10 Annoying Supermarket Moments You Experience in Pakistan

lead supermarket

Some places are just designed to irritate you! Sadly, in this country the list of such places is just never ending. Nothing cheeses you off more than to get your pocket emptied for a teeth-grinding experience.

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Ironically, even though these days new supermarkets and grocery stores are popping out of every other lane, this experience is not getting any better. Guess why? Because name any of them and you would find one or the other following things happening to you every time you visit these stores:

You Stare at Other Women to Kill Time and Your Wife Kills You 

Men ogling woman in supermarket

You Go to Buy a Toothpaste and End Up with PKR 5000 Worth of Grocery


The Face the Embarrassment of Putting Stuff Back While Everybody Stares You Down to Death 


Your Debit Card Ditches You Right When It’s Time to Pay the Bills 


You’re Always Pushed to the Last One in the Queue that Never Ends


People Push You With Their Overloaded Carts Till You’re Actually Sore

if it was a race, i would be first

There is Always an Annoying Kid Who Wants to Have it All in One Cart

when my mom takes me to super market

Someone Always Wants the Same Cereal Box That You Want and Guess What! It’s The Last One 

you will always come across one such bully

You Meet the One Person You Never Want to Meet


No Matter How Old You Are – You Still Get Lost Once in a While 


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