Weddings have always been a long, dramatic affair in Pakistan. In between the weeklong events, the monstrous amount of preparations required for the big day and managing a truckload of relatives, the weddings become far from relaxing for the bride-to-be.

To amp up the pampering factor and to help them look flawless on their special day, we have compiled the list of Top 10 Bridal Salons in Karachi for the rushed bride.

Bina Khan

Location: Bukhari commercial Lane No. 1, Defence, Karachi

One of the most established makeup artists in Pakistan, Bina Khan is the go-to choice of a huge number of Karachi brides.

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Not only does Bina Khan’s salon offer top notch makeup but the bridal services that come with it are splendid too. Charging PKR 35,000 for bridal makeup, Bina Khan does both traditional and fusion looks with ease. Her salon boasts one of the most trained and polite staff in town, something very uncommon in most of Karachi’s salons.

Natasha Salon

Location: 7E, 8th Zamzama Lane, Opposite Pizza Hut, Karachi

Run by Madam Noor Jehan’s granddaughters, Natasha and Sabrina Khalid, the salon literally revolutionized the art of makeup in Pakistan when it first debuted.

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Trained in London, Natasha is known for her intricate hairstyles and regal looking brides. A choice of many celebrity brides too, Natasha charges PKR 45,000 for bridal makeup and services.

While most reviews for Natasha are good, some people do find her makeup “too white and made up”, something that Asian women find hard to adjust to with their wheatish skin tone.

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Sabs the Salon

Location: 4 -C Farooq Heights, 36th Commercial Street, Tauheed Commercial Area, Phase 5 DHA. BRANCH: 1-D, Street 20, Off Tipu Sultan Road, Muhammad Ali Housing Society.

Known for their traditional makeup style by the talented Qadir Khan and Saba Ansari herself, Sabs is one of the most popular salons in Karachi.

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The only problem with the salon is the number of brides it takes on for the day. Often coined as the “fish market” of the bridal world or “bride factory” as some call it, most brides do not feel as pampered as they would like at the most special day of their life. Nonetheless, the makeup by either of the two MUAs is hands down one of the best.


Location: 22nd Commercial St. 75500, DHA, Karachi

Trained by Hollywood MUAs, international celebrity makeup artist, Anam is yet another newly popular name in the makeup industry of Pakistan.

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Charging PKR 38,000 for bridal makeup, Anam also offers makeup training courses in Pakistan and abroad.

While her makeup has garnered her immense popularity in a short period of time, she has had her share of bad reviews for cancelling out on makeup appointments at the last minute and photo-shopping her makeup pictures.


Location: C-33, E-Street, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi

One of the most experienced Pakistani makeup artists to date, Nabila continues to rule the bridal and the fashion industry of Pakistan.

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Having recently launched her own makeup line, Nabila along with her fellow MUA Bushra are two of the best makeup artists to go to for bridal makeup in Karachi. Their bridal packages range from PKR 18,000 to PKR 32,000.

Nadia Hussain Salon & Clinic

Location: F 50/3, E street, block 4, Clifton, Karachi

New on the makeup front, model/actress recently launched her own salon and spa, only to receive rave reviews for both makeup and spa services in a very short period of time.

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Not only are the services provided at the salon excellent but the staff there is courteous and Nadia Hussain’s bridal makeup is truly a magical transformation. Bridal makeup by Nadia Hussain with services is currently priced at PKR 30,000.

Maria’s Salon & Institute

Location: 7-C, First Floor, Shahbaz Commercial Lane 1, Khayaban-e-Sehar, Phase 6, DHA, Karachi

Run by the very talented sisters Maria Salim and Khadija, Maria’s Salon & Institute is one salon with good reviews.

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The makeup done by Maria is flawless, the services provided by the staff members are splendid to say the least and the general ambiance of the salon is extremely calming. Apart from the affordable bridal makeup and services (PKR 25,000), Maria is also a go-to hairstylist for many Karachi girls.

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Location: 33-C 1-Commercial Street Phase-4, DHA.

Yet another popular name amongst the Karachi brides, Shamain is known for her natural bridal looks.

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The makeup looks are traditional, none too over-the-top and the bridal services are passable. while brides do love Shamain’s attention to work and her makeup, some feel she is inexperienced with difficult skin types and that her staff is very discourteous.

Shamain charges around PKR 40,000 for birdal makeup with services.

Wajid Khan

Location: 25 C Building Number, 28th Street Off Khayaban e Sehar.

A comparatively lesser known name amongst day to day brides, Wajid Khan is yet another amazing celebrity makeup artist.

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An incredibly humble person at heart, celebrity MUA Wajid Khan is known for giving all his due attention to the bride at hand, weaving magic and literally transforming the bride into a more beautiful version of herself.

Shaheen Saeed

Location: Plot # 32-C, Shop # 3 and 4, Zamzama 6th Commercial Lane, DHA.

Yet another experienced name in the Pakistani beauty industry, Shaheen Saeed is one of the safest choices for a bride. Not only does her makeup look flawless but has been known to stay put for hours on end in Karachi’s humid wheather.

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In spite of being a celebrity makeup artist, Shaheen Saeed is not only attentive to the bride but goes out of her way to help the bride feel special and beautiful. The bridal services are equally good, with the staff members polite and courteous all along.

Tell us which bridal salon tops your list in the commet below!

*Note: quoted prices may vary depending on services, time and schedule.