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As the pre-Hajj flight operation for Pakistani pilgrims under the government scheme concluded successfully, the final group of 380 pilgrims from Islamabad arrived in Jeddah, marking the end of this phase. In parallel, private pilgrims continue their journey, with 70,000 already in Saudi Arabia and an additional 20,000 set to depart in the next two days. This significant movement sets the stage for the departure of pilgrims to Mina on the night of June 13 and 14, where the Pakistan Hajj Mission has established a camp office for their convenience.

Government Supervision and Representation

In a proactive step to oversee Hajj arrangements, Minister of Religious Affairs Chaudhry Salik has traveled to Saudi Arabia. He is set to represent Pakistan at the Hajj Symposium in Makkah, ensuring that the needs of Pakistani pilgrims are met efficiently. Both the Minister and the federal secretary will closely supervise the Hajj operations, reflecting the government’s commitment to providing seamless support to its citizens during this important religious journey.

Pakistan reminds Hajj 2024 pilgrims to submit travel documents to banks before Feb. 26 | Arab News
Source: Arab news

However, it’s not just the logistical aspects that are being monitored closely. Health and safety protocols remain strict. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia has taken a stringent stance on vaccinations, particularly concerning the Neisseria meningitis vaccine. The permits of several domestic pilgrims have been revoked due to non-compliance with this mandatory vaccination. The Ministry emphasized that 90 percent of domestic pilgrims have adhered to the health requirements, and it urged the remaining individuals to get vaccinated promptly to avoid permit cancellations.

Stringent Security Measures

Security measures are also being enforced rigorously. The Hajj Security Forces have detained 21 individuals attempting to smuggle 61 pilgrims without proper Hajj permits into Makkah. These arrests, made at the city’s entry points, included both citizens and expatriates. The offenders face severe penalties, including jail terms, fines, and in the case of visitors, deportation. Vehicles used in these illegal transports are also subject to confiscation, highlighting the strict enforcement of Hajj regulations to ensure the sanctity and safety of the pilgrimage.

Saudi Arabia to Fine and Deport Unauthorized Pilgrims During Hajj 2024 - The Halal Times
Source: Arab News

Moreover, authorities have cracked down on fraudulent activities, arresting more than 140 operators of fake Hajj firms. These stringent measures underscore the commitment of the Ministry of Interior to maintain order and security, allowing the pilgrims to perform their rituals in a safe and serene environment.

The collective efforts of both Pakistani and Saudi authorities demonstrate a robust framework aimed at facilitating a smooth and secure Hajj experience for all pilgrims. As the final preparations are underway, the focus remains on ensuring that the guests of God can fulfill their spiritual obligations with peace and dignity.

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